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MAC OS Download Hub. JULY ,21 2020 (specialist software)

MAC OS Download Hub. JULY,21  2020. (specialist software)


Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2021.1.1 (build 7.1.1)

Artlantis 2021 v9.5.2.26066

CLO - 3D Fashion Design Software 6.0 (build 328)

FX Draw Tools 21.6.25

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD 25 v25.0.0 (build 3002)

Live Home 3D Pro Edition 4.0.5

SketchUp Pro 2021.1 v21.1.298

Sweet Home 3D 6.5.3

TurboCAD Pro 12.0.0

Vectorworks 2021 v26.0.4 SP4


!!!  Do not update these applications to avoid losing their functionality









Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2021.1.1 (build 7.1.1)

Released: 03/23/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.14+

Interface language: English, Chinese and Japanese

System requirements:
● macOS: 10.14
● RAM: 4 GB
● Disk: 150 MB of free disk space
And also:
It is not recommended to run on systems with built-in graphics adapters


● macOS: 10.14
● RAM: 8 GB
Disk: 500 MB of free disk space

And also:
Not recommended to run on systems with integrated graphics Graphics
not supported: AMD FirePro


Substance Painter is a completely new 3D painting solution with unprecedented capabilities and a streamlined workflow that makes texture creation easier than ever. Substance Painter has been recognized as the most innovative 3D painting application.

Painting materials in real time:
Select a brush, select and adjust a material, then start painting! Each stroke is applied to all channels at once and is done instantly. You can paint multiple materials on one grid, with each card up to 4K resolution.

Next Generation Viewport:
Allows you to preview your drawing results in a new Physically Correct (PBR) Viewport for precise interaction with materials. Create stunning shots of your creations using one of the best optical effects technologies (Yebis 2 from Silicon Studio), which allows you to add anti-aliasing, color correction, depth of field, lens flare, glow (Bloom) and more.

Particle Brushes:
Throw dirt, fire, or even rain on your subject and watch realistic weather effects unfold in real time! Particle brushes can be used to paint any material, and brushes can also be modified. And with Popcorn FX's editor >> users can create custom brushes.

Using any shader:
Import your shaders and create your paint channels. You can also use ready-made shaders, such as the standard Physically-Based Shader (PBR) or one of the non-photorealistic shaders, the Toon shader.

Effects and Substance Brushes:
Apply your own or ready-made masks and Substance effects to layers and layer masks to create realistic aging or weather effects. Paint Substance materials (parametric textures) on the model, adjust their parameters to get the desired look (or paint your imported materials).

The next generation of 2D painting:
Introducing a 2D mode with shadows and a freely rotatable canvas, and seamless 2D painting. Combines the best of both worlds - the seamlessness of 3D drawing and the convenience of flexible 2D.

Reversible workflow:
The user can change the resolution at any time, and Substance Painter will recalculate every stroke almost immediately. Switch your UV set and the strokes will be automatically reprojected (you don't need to have a perfect UV set to paint!).

Substance Painter provides a rich library of material sets, customizable tools and effects, making the possibilities endless. Users can also import and organize their sets on the shelf.

Unified Material Stack:
Tired of endless stacking layers? Combine all maps into one layer and edit them all at once or separately.

Installation procedure:
1. Mount the image and familiarize yourself with Help.txt why this is so ...
2. Unpack the distribution and wait for the installation to complete




Artlantis 2021 v9.5.2.26066

Release took place: April 2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.13+

Interface language: Russian, English, German, etc.

System requirements:

Minimum system requirements

Intel® Core i3, 4 Core, 2GHz or equivalent.
RAM: 8 GB.
mac OS X 10.13

Recommended System Configuration

Intel® Core i7, 4+ Core
RAM: 16 GB.
mac OS X 10.14


Artlantis is a professional set of tools designed to create high quality images and videos based on 3D models. In the process, the user can apply various textures, change the colors of the project and the parameters of light sources. The program also includes tools that allow you to edit the properties of existing materials and create new ones.

The arsenal of this multifunctional application has a number of useful features, such as changing the light properties of materials, installing artificial or natural light sources, simulating the firmament, automatically adjusting lighting for internal visualization, automatically creating high-quality textures and much more. In addition, there is built-in post-processing, which will save you from the need to use additional software to get the finished scene. With its help, you can add additional finishing touches, as well as make adjustments to contrast, brightness and color depth. Artlantis also allows you to add special effects - grain, pastel surfaces, and so on. Effects can be applied individually or together.

It is worth noting that with a fairly rich functionality, this application is distinguished by a decent speed of work and ease of use. All these advantages make Artlantis one of the most popular tools among designers and architects.

Artlantis enables users to animate objects as well as directly exchange data with ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, SketchUp, AutoCAD and Arc +. The import function supports several file formats used in CAD, including DXF, DWG and 3DS.

A simple interface provides access to tools including Postcard file sharing. PostCard technology allows you to create bills of materials or catalogs of materials from common bitmap images.

Radiation method
Displaying a 3D model, taking into account the reflection of light from surfaces! The updated rendering engine allows you to get a high-quality display of the project, taking into account the reflection of light from walls, floors, ceilings, and other building objects. And due to the fact that the image of the preview window is recreated in real time, you will get a better and more expected photo image after the final rendering of the 3D model.

Imitation of the firmament
In the new version of Artlantis, all the light sources of the project have been significantly redesigned. Thanks to the introduction of new types of sources ("physical sky", sun, moon and stars), all visible elements shed light on other objects in the project through the global illumination function. In addition, different types of clouds (cirrus, cumulonimbus and stratus) will no doubt only add realism to the firmament, and therefore to your project.

Automatic lighting adjustment
Thanks to the new technology of automatic lighting adjustment, Artlantis dynamically adjusts the level of scene illumination: from the haze of the predawn sun to the twilight of the evening sky, depending on external or internal visualization. And this, in turn, leads to an increase in the quality of images and animations.

Built-in post-processing of images
Additional processing of the received photo images is necessary There is no point in using additional software - everything you need is in Artlantis. The new version of the program has functions for processing raster images - adjusting the brightness, contrast and color table of the final image. And by adding grain, contour lines, or pastel surfaces to an image, you can achieve fantastic styling results. All changes are instantly displayed in the preview window, and the effects can be used either one at a time or in groups.

Shader preparation
The new version of Artlantis has new tools for automatic texture creation. From now on, shaders have received new properties: specular reflection, shine, blur effect, raster overlay adjustment ... all to improve the quality of textures. This function is intended primarily for experienced users of the program - now they can independently configure shader libraries through the program interface.

Rich set of textures and objects
With an optional 25-CD collection of textures and objects, Artlantis users can quickly get started and set up a realistic environment by simulating real-life scenes in the virtual world. With the release of the new version of Artlantis, additional 5 CDs with families for Artlantis are released: animated 3D models of people, billboard people, cars, stone and marble floors. New shaders and objects will add realism to your scenes, and it is very easy to manipulate elements using dra technology.

Installation procedure:
1. Mount the image, unpack the distribution and follow the prompts of the installer.




CLO - 3D Fashion Design Software 6.0 (build 328)

Released: 11/21/2020
Supported OS: macOS 10.13+

Interface language: Russian, English, etc.

System requirements:

• macOS version: 10.13+
• Processor 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor 2
• Memory 8 GB or more of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)

• Graphics card Nvidia® GeForce GTX 960 or Quadro P2000 or equivalent 3, 4

• Hard disk space 2 GB for installation (20+ GB recommended)

• Monitor resolution 1920x1080 (2560x1440 recommended, 4K display available)

• Pointing device 3-button mouse (highly recommended)
• Network Internet connection is necessary for CLO authentication


Reasonable Design
• Change the design process with realistic 3D clothing modeling.
Work faster, improve accuracy, shrink your calendar, and expand your design options.

Unlimited Design
• CLO's robust Simula engine allows you to create styles with countless layers and intricate details. Create a variety of clothing, from a simple blouse to technical outerwear with intricate details and designs. CLO is not limited to clothing design. Create anything made of fabric, including hats, bags, wallets, underwear, swimwear, and more.

Real-time interaction
• See changes instantly, as any changes in 2D patterns, colors, textures and trim details are immediately simulated. Enhance the quality of your design by checking the silhouette and placing it earlier in the design process so that you can edit the sample before completion.

Key Features

• Review of ratings: compare ratings of clothes and / or avatar in one window.

• Automatic sewing: Patterns are sewn automatically based on their placement on avatars.

• Texture editor: express complex graphics by overlaying multiple images. When images are repeated, create seamless graphics by editing their outlines while previewing.

• Printing on fabric: print various patterns on fabric.

• Rendering | Subsurface scattering material: Expresses human skin realistically. Subsurface scattering material penetrates and scatters beneath the surface of objects. Use the material to illustrate leaves, fruits, candles, and more.

• Automatic snap and converter: add joints or convert custom data to CLO avatars and use CLO avatar editor.

• Schematic Rendering Style for Tech Pack: Convert 3D clothing into technical drawings for the Tech Pack.

UV Editor Mode: Create UV maps for patterns, buttons, lightning and bake Normal, Roughness, Metalness, Alpha maps.

• PBR material | Substance from Adobe and X-Rite AXF: Import SBSAR files from Substance, the leading digital 3D content software solution, allowing you to load high-quality content with endless texture variations or create fully customizable content from scratch or from a scan with full control over creation. In addition, import AxF files with X-Rite, a tool that displays realistic tissues using a variety of maps extracted from 3D tissue scans.

Key Features

- Grading Review
- Auto Sewing
- Texture Editor
- Print on Fabric
- Render I Subsurface Scattering Material
- Automatic Rigging & Converter
- Schematic Rendering Style for Tech Pack
- UV Editor Mode
- PBR Material | Substance by Adobe & X-Rite AxF

Other Features

- Jeanologia | Import Washing File of eDesigner (Coming Soon)
- Color Digital | DMIx Cloud Linkage & Compatible with Material
- Add the path of saved file to Recent File List


- Fullness & Pleats Improvements I Move Internal Lines and Baselines in accordance with the enlarged pattern.
- Automatically folding Dart when it is added
- 2D Ruler Improvement
- Create and Edit Curves
- Trace Outline and Internal lines of the pattern with Ruler
- Change the number from POM List
- Show/ Hide in Print Layout Mode
- Grading Improvements
- Pair Avatar for Grading Size
- Apply Grading to Curve Points (Coming Soon)
- Extend/Trim & Add Point to Pattern Outline or Internal Line
- Copy a part of Base/Internal Shape
- Enter Segment Length value when you move points
- Lock Curve Points when you Change Length

- Zipper I Add metal preset for YKK
- Create Graphic Over Seamline
- Edit Back Texture with Texture Edit

- Cuboid Arrangement Bounding Volume
- Integration of Avatar Ruler & Tape

- Metalness Map & Alpha Map (PBR Material)
- Save Render Properties

Print Layout Mode
- Pattern Nesting (Marker) I Spacing Patterns (Coming Soon)

Colorway Mode
- Colorway UI Improvements

- Compatible with Wacom 3D Pen
- News Notifications in CLO
- Login via SSO
- Import/ Export window Improvements

Installation procedure:
1. Mount the image and rewrite the application icon in the "Programs" folder
2. When registering the software, enter any data (save)
3. Block the application's access to the network by all available methods




FX Draw Tools 21.6.25

Released: 2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.12+

Interface language: English

System requirements:
● macOS 10.12 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


Powerful yet easy-to-use FX Draw provides a high-performance drawing environment designed specifically for math teachers. Quickly create editable, high-quality charts for tests, exams, worksheets, websites, presentations, and demos.

FX Sketch, an extension of FX Draw, lets you draw math diagrams and automatically convert them to professional-quality drawings that can be edited with FX Draw.

Efofex also provides FX Draw subscribers with three free bonus programs that provide easy access to some of the powerful FX Draw charting and equation tools. You can use additional tools with students or quickly create equations to use in documents.

Key features:

Draw whatever

FX Draw is the perfect mathematical drawing tool. Almost any graphics a math teacher will ever need can be drawn using the highly specialized FX Draw tools. FX Draw is incredibly efficient and versatile. Best of all, he is supported by students who have been in the class and know exactly what you need. FX Draw simplifies mathematical drawing with over sixty specialized tools

Effective graphics
One of the FX Draw tools is the same graphics engine you'll find in the FX Graph. This plotting tool can draw Cartesian functions, polar functions, tilt fields, Argan charts, vector charts, 3D rotation volumes, parametric relations, integrals, tangents and normals to curves, and more. Just remember that this is just one of the FX Draw tools

More frictions
With specialized tools for drawing Venn diagrams, normal distribution curves, statistical plots, tree plots, number line bearing plots (and more), you can always find the right tool for the job. Watch the overview video and feature list below to see some more FX Draw

graphics anywhere
FX Draw allows you to create graphics that can be placed anywhere. Our new Efofex Image ID system allows you to quickly edit your created graphics in almost any context. No matter what platform or product you prefer, FX Draw can draw what you need

Bonus Tools

Your FX Draw Tools subscription also gives you access to three free bonus programs that provide easy access to some of the most powerful FX Draw tools. so you can use them in more contexts.

- FX Equation provides you with a high-speed interface with FX Draw equation writing technology. Ideal for high-speed equation creation for Word, Pages, LibreOffice, LaTex and Moodle

- FX Graph and FX Stat provide easy access to powerful FX Draw functions and statistical charting tools. Students will love the power and flexibility. You will like acquaintance

Installation procedure:
1. Mount the image, unpack the distribution kit, install the software.




GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD 25 v25.0.0 (build 3002)

Released: 2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.15+

Interface language: English

Treatment: included
Drug type: patch

System requirements:

● macOS 10.15 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


ARCHICAD is the next step in the development of one of the best solutions for architectural design. Improvements in ARCHICAD enable increased productivity with a best-in-class BIM design and documentation system. The new version provides users with a number of indisputable advantages. Among them: a new principle of teamwork Teamwork 2.0, a significant increase in productivity, support for 64-bit systems, improvement of design tools, support for multiprocessor systems. ARCHICAD is the most powerful BIM solution for architects.

Voids, Recesses and Recesses ARCHICAD introduces a new Discovery tool designed to model and coordinate voids, recesses and recesses in project design - as horizontal, vertical or oblique holes between elements, groups of elements, or even between stories. Such discoveries are important for project coordination as they are equally relevant to architects, engineers, and consultants, and must be documented by architects and engineers. Discoveries can be modeled, planned and documented using intuitive tools and shared using open

IFC standards

One-click photorealistic rendering with Twinmotion
ARCHICAD enables architects to experience real-time rendering and photorealistic rendering with a seamless Twinmotion real-time connection workflow. With the state-of-the-art Twinmotion rendering solution, creating photorealistic real-time renderings is extremely fast and easy, while real-time sync allows architects to edit the model and make design decisions on the fly. All eligible ARCHICAD licensees are eligible for Epic Games' free enhanced version of Twinmotion.

Updated Solibri Connection
ARCHICAD provides hassle-free code and construct validation at any stage of design. The updated add-in automatically detects and uploads only those items that have changed in the ARCHICAD model, resulting in faster two-way collaboration.

Improved ARCHICAD connection
ARCHICAD enables architects to collect and organize client planning requirements and use them to validate and propose design alternatives. dRofus allows designers to easily collect and manipulate planning rules and design data, even when working on large and complex projects such as hospitals, airports, and universities. With the latest improvements, dRofus 2.3 fully supports ARCHICAD and users can now import rooms from ARCHICAD to dRofus.

Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD live connection
The new Dexstruct Grasshopper component can be used to retrieve the surface data of an ARCHICAD element as a design reference. With this feature, changes to the basic design path in BIM will automatically update all related design details generated by the design algorithms in Grasshopper.

Faster response times
ARCHICAD places particular emphasis on ensuring continuous flow from software launch, access to project data, and navigation through the building information model. It does this through a combination of raw performance optimizations, streamlined workflows, and reduced file sizes.

Performance improvements:

● User interface improvements
● New CineRender Engine
● Attribute management
● View settings updates
● Text index line options
● Curtain wall enhancements

Installation and treatment procedure:
1. Mount the image, run the ARCHICAD installer, install the software ( do not run , uncheck all the boxes at the end of the installation)
2. Unpack the ARCHICAD INT [K] .pkg distribution and patch the application




Live Home 3D Pro Edition 4.0.5

Released: 06/23/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.14+

Language: Russian, English, German and others.

System requirements:

• macOS 10.14 or higher
• Intel 64-bit CPU
• Apple M1 chip


Live Home 3D, the successor to Live Interior 3D, is a powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build your dream home right on your Mac.

It doesn't matter if you are just planning to make improvements to your home or, as a professional designer, you want a tool to visualize your ideas. Live Home 3D will help you in both cases.

Live Home 3D Pro - more tools, more elements in libraries, more functionality. Functional enough to design a skyscraper and intuitive enough to design a barn!


• Detailed drawings of the premises.
• 3D rendering in real time.
• Possibility to build two floors + basement.
• A collection of built-in video tutorials.
• Fast technical support service built into the Assistant program.
• Gallery of projects of houses and premises.

Drafting tools

• Add a room in one move using the Room tool.
• Tools for creating straight walls and walls in an arc.
• Automatic outline display for furniture and fittings in the drawing.
• Automatic dimension lines for walls, floors and ceilings as you sketch.
• Support for various units of measurement (inches, feet, meters, etc.).
• Smart dimension lines to set distances between objects and walls.
• Precise positioning thanks to guides and sticking mechanism.

3D environment in real time
• Control lighting, adding and moving objects, assigning materials - all right in 3D.
• All changes in 2D and 3D are rendered in real time.
• Virtual walks in 3D interior.
• Ability to install multiple cameras to display the interior from different angles.
• Natural lighting by adjusting geo-positioning, time of day and cloud cover.
• Customizable light sources to create a realistic light scene.
• Corner windows and complex openings.
• Adjust the level of detail on the fly to simplify 3D models and speed up rendering.
• Professional technique Shadow Map for creating soft and natural shadows.

3D models and materials
• 1500+ furniture and other models.
• Import models directly from the Trimble 3D Warehouse ™ (formerly Google 3D Warehouse ™).
• 2100+ surface materials.
• Transfer a picture from the Finder and use it as a material for the surface.
• The ability to set the exact size of the tiles in the material settings allows you to calculate how many materials will be needed to renovate the house.
• Import of objects in the format: SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX and 3DS.

Roofs and attics
• Roof wizard with 12 customizable templates.
• Adding segments to fully customize your roofs.
• 16 customizable loft types.

Export and Publish Results
• Publish the result to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
• Export 3D images to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP (up to 1024 x 768).
• Post to Facebook 360 ° Panorama JPEG (up to 1024 x 1024).
• Rendering of a realistic video of a virtual walk (up to 960 x 540).
• Instant sending a copy of the project via Mail, Messages or AirDrop.
• Export to 3D formats: COLLADA, Trimble SketchUp ™, VRML V2.0

- Bug fixes and improvements

Installation procedure:
Mount the image and familiarize yourself with Help.txt why this is so ...
Then you can choose, install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly




SketchUp Pro 2021.1 v21.1.298

Released: 06/29/2021
Supported OS: OS X 10.12 +

System requirements:


● QuickTime 5.0 and an internet browser for multimedia tutorials
● Internet connection for the activation of the license and the use of some of the features
● Boot Camp, VMWare, and Parallels are not supported environments

Recommended hardware

● 2.1+ GHz Intel™ processor
● 8 GB RAM
● 700 MB of available hard-disk space
● 3D class video card with 1 GB of memory or higher. Make sure that the driver of the graphics card supports OpenGL 3 or a newer version and that it is up to date.
● 3-button mouse with scroll-wheel

Minimum hardware

● 2.1+ GHz Intel™ processor
● 4 GB RAM
● 500 MB of available hard-disk space
● 3D class video card with 512 MB of memory or higher. Make sure that the driver of the graphics card supports OpenGL 3 or a newer version and that it is up to date.
● 3-button mouse with scroll-wheeli


SketchUP Pro is a professional version of the application that allows you to create 3D models, demonstrate them as a presentation, share them. The program will be useful wherever there is a need to use 3D models, whether it is designing an extension for a house, teaching geometry to schoolchildren, or creating a model for Google Earth. A variety of simple tools and an intelligent drawing system make it easy to create and edit models, export them, create a video or print the results of your work. Instead of entering coordinate values, you can use a multifunctional object location control system using labels, text prompts, and lines of various colors. The use of tools is as close as possible to real life, because it is much easier to learn this way and, most importantly, to remember,

Works well in conjunction with 3ds max, Piranesi, Archicad. Buildings, furniture, interiors, building structures and much - much more can be designed in minutes. In addition, SketchUP Pro provides the ability to create multi-page documents and presentations; lay out and annotate many scaled models on one page; create, document and present a project using a single drawing.

With SketchUp Pro, you can:

• Draw, edit, measure, rotate, and scale shapes.
• Divide the model into sections for processing internal parts.
• Apply predefined textures to the model or create your own.
• Fill the model with ready-made components (trees, cars, doors and windows, people) or create your own.

• Retouch faces.
• Simulate a shadow in real time for any terrestrial object.
• Simulate the location of cameras.
• Carry out a virtual overview.
• Conduct a presentation tour.
• Import 2D images (.jpg, .png, .tif, .tga, .bmp) and 3D models (.3ds, .dem, .ddf, .dwg, .dxf, .skp).

• Export models to Google Earth.
• Export 2D images of models (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif).
• Print the model.
• Develop additional applications in the Ruby programming environment.

The main functions of SketchUp Pro:

• Export of models in 3DS, DWG, DXF, OBJ, XSI, VRML and FBX format.
• Export animation and virtual overview in MOV and AVI format.
• Support for organic modeling (Sandbox) and Film & Stage functions.
• Import and export of GIS data.
• Printing and export of bitmap images in higher resolution than screen.

Installation procedure:
Mount the image, rewrite the application icon (software folder) into the Applications folder




Sweet Home 3D 6.5.3

release took place: 04/25/2021
Supported OS: MacOS 10.9 or later

Language: Russian, English, German and others.

System requirements:

• OS X 10.9 or later
• 64-bit processor
• Apple M1 chip


Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application that will help you draw the layout of the house, arrange furniture and see the result in 3D. Sweet Home 3D is for those who want to quickly design a new home or redesign an old one.

The user can:

Draw the walls and rooms of the house, over the picture of the existing layout, on one or more levels.

Change the color or texture of walls, floors, and ceilings.

Drag and drop doors, windows and furniture onto the plan from a catalog of over 1205 objects arranged by categories, into which he can import 3D models created by him or downloaded from the Internet.

Change the size, orientation, height, color and texture for each piece of furniture.

View all changes on the plan at the same time in a 3D view from a height, or from a virtual point of view of the visitor.

Create photorealistic images of the viewed scene, taking into account the location of the light sources and the sun.

Create a 3D video of a virtual walk.

Print the house plan and 3D view or export them to PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, OBJ files, for home remodeling in other software.

- Added support for Apple Silicon M1 processor
- Improved management of dialog boxes visibility
- Various bug fixes and enhancements

Installation procedure:
Mount the image and familiarize yourself with the Readme.txt why this is so ...
Then you can choose to install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly




TurboCAD Pro 12.0.0

Released: 2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.11+

Interface language: English

System requirements:

● macOS 10.11 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


TurboCAD Professional is a powerful all-in-one tool for professional CAD design. Combined 2D and 3D design is able to satisfy the most discerning users. The full power of the industry standard ACIS® v8 solid modeling engine coexists with powerful surface modeling to give you maximum flexibility. TurboCAD Professional supports twenty-five of the most popular file formats, including AutoCAD® DWG / DXF, MicroStation® DGN, 3DS, IGEN, STL and more. You can also export your projects to HTML, JPG, MTX. TurboCAD Professional includes realistic rendering, full 3D modeling with shells and lofting .... working with AutoCAD files, the ability to work with the Internet, tutorials.

Key features:

• Exceptional 2D / 3D CAD value
• Professional control and flexibility
• Industry-specific tools
• Powerful lighting and rendering
options • Flexible file sharing and publishing options
• 3D printing tools

New Features:
- Lightworks Texture Integration with OBJ, 3MF, 3DS, and SketchUp
- High Resolution Printing for Objects with Textures
- Skinning with Center Line Path
- Stopped Chamfer
- SPUR Gear Creation
- VRML 2.0 Texture Support

Installation procedure:
Mount the image and familiarize yourself with Help.txt why this is so ...
Then you can choose, install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly




Vectorworks 2021 v26.0.4 SP4

Released: 2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.12+

Interface language: English

Treatment: included
Drug type: ready serial + file replacement

System requirements:

• macOS 10.12+
• Processor type(s) & speed: 64 bit
• RAM minimum: 8 GB
• Video RAM: 2GB of VRAM or more
• Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card with 2GB of VRAM or more
Some integrated graphics cards such as Intel Iris graphics are acceptable for simple models/drawings, but a dedicated graphics card is preferable.



A professional system for the automation of work in the field of architectural and construction design, focused on users working in the field of landscape design, as well as those involved in the design of interiors, buildings, premises and other objects.

Nemetschek AG is part of the Nemetschek Industrial Group and currently holds a leading position in the development of technologies for architectural and construction design.

Vectorworks contains many enhancements and new features aimed at a wide range of projects. Whether it's powerful 3D modeling, impressive rendering tools, 2D graphics control. Enjoy the ability to pan, zoom, select, move in a variety of modes without sacrificing performance or speed.

Among all other innovations, the developers of Vectorworks paid special attention to the usability of end users. Each of the products contains many convenient support tools for targeted applications in architecture, landscaping, and public events design.

Key features:

• Tools for two-dimensional graphics and modernized work surfaces
• Associative hatching in drawings and models
• Ability to import and export files in IFC, DWG and SKP formats

• Tools for "sculpting" walls and modeling stairs, for working with small architectural forms for designing lawns, parks and parking lots

• Social planning tools and tools for modeling the operation of projection and lighting equipment (for cinemas and entertainment complexes)

• The rendering engine now supports placing images on objects using the decal method (in fact, you glue a flat virtual sheet with an image on complex model shapes) and advanced texture binding methods

• Includes over 70 other features that provide users with an application that allows them to design as they want, a variety of ways to access any design phase, and intuitiveness to let them work the way they think

Installation and treatment procedure:
1. Mount the image, run the Vectorworks 2021 installer . Use the serial number from the "Crack" pack (name and organization at your discretion). During the installation process, enter the administrator password. Do not launch the application!
2. From the "Crack" folder, rewrite the Vectorworks file with replacement along the path
Code: select all

/Applications/Vectorworks 2021/Vectorworks

3. Block the application's access to the network by all available methods