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Mac COLLECTION of ADOBE January-February 2020


Adobe Zii 2020 - Universal Patcher v5.1.8
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 20.006.20034
Adobe After Effects 2020 17.0.2
Adobe Animate 2020 20.0.2
Adobe Audition 2020 13.0.2
Adobe Bridge 2020 10.0.3
Adobe Character Animator 2020 3.1
Adobe Dimension 3.1.1
Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 v20.1.0 (build 15211)
Adobe Illustrator 24.1
Adobe InCopy 2020 15.0.1
Adobe InDesign 2020 15.0.1
Adobe Media Encoder 2020 14.0.1
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.1 v18.1
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 2020 9.2
Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 v18.0
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 14.0.1
Adobe XD 27.0.12



Interface language:  English, German, etc.
System requirements:
mac OS 10.13 and later
64-bit processor

Installation procedure:

The installer automatically picks up the default OS language.
If you need a different interface language, you must change the OS language and region to the appropriate one before installing.
After installation, you can change it back.

For 10.12+ 
if you run the installer and write :
"The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again".

Inserting The Code: 
sudo spctl --master-disable

Installing using  Adobe Zii 2020 - Universal Patcher v5.1.8

Attention! Before installing, disconnect from the Internet.

0. Mount the selected Adobe image.
1. Run the Install installer and follow the instructions (located in the Extra folder)
2. After installation, do not run the program in trial mode (forcibly close the application if it starts on its own).

3. From the desktop, launch the Adobe Zii patch and click PATCH 
or drag the icon of the installed Adobe into the open patch window

Who has an Illustrator or other installed :
Install the program and use the patch that is in the distribution - 
drag the program icon to the open patch window. 

Do not use the automatic function 
(here, all installed applications of Adobe will be patched automatically , and such actions may cause errors)




Adobe Zii 2020 - Universal Patcher v5.1.8

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and see Help.txt why exactly …
Next, choose whether to install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly

The app does not update!

Using Zii:

Using Adobe Zii Patcher is very simple:

1. Open Adobe Zii 2019
2. Click on the "PATCH OR DRAG" button"
3. The program finds the necessary Adobe CC applications and patches them.

If you need to patch a separate application, you can simply drag it to the "PATCH OR DRAG" 

IMPORTANT: the Program requests root access. To do this, you will need to enter the administrator password.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 20.006.20034

The release took place: 11.02.2020
Supported OS: OS X 10.10 and higher

Interface language: Russian, English, and others


Acrobat DC is a completely updated desktop version of the world's best PDF solution. This 
solution includes a mobile app that allows you to sign and send PDF files, as well as fill out 
forms from any device. And with DocumentCloud cloud services, you can create, export, 
edit, and track PDF files by opening them in any web browser. The latest versions of files will 
always be at your fingertips no matter what device you are working on.

Adobe After Effects 2020 17.0.2


Supported OS: macOS 10.13 and later,

Interface language: Russian, English, and others


Adobe After Effects is one of the industry's leading applications for developing animation
 and creative compositions that allow you to create professional graphics and visual effects 
for movie screens, television, and websites.

The name comes from an effect known as" persistence (inertia) of visual sensation", this 
mechanism uses the sensory memory of the retina, which allows you to store visual 
information for a short period of time. Thanks to an extensive library of plugins developed 
by third-party companies, AfterEffects is also used in printing and graphic design to edit 
static graphic images (photos, images generated on a computer, etc.).)

Adobe Animate 2020 20.0.2


Supported OS: mac OS 10.13 and later

Interface language: Russian, English, and others


Adobe Animate CC 2020, which replaced Flash Professional , is a powerful environment for 
creating animation and multimedia content. Allows you to create expressive interactive 
projects that are displayed in excellent quality on desktop computers and various devices, 
including tablets and smartphones, as well as on TV screens. Adobe Animate CC also allows 
you to work with raster, vector, and three-dimensional graphics using the GPU. Also 
supports bidirectional audio and video streaming.


Adobe Audition 2020 13.0.2


Adobe Audition 2020 is a professional tool for professionals who work in the field of audio 
and video processing, offering them almost unlimited possibilities. Ease of use is perfectly 
combined with flexibility, allowing you to create master copies of the highest class, edit, mix, 
process, and apply a variety of sound effects. In fact, the user gets a full-fledged powerful 
recording Studio on their computer with easy-to-use and, at the same time, fairly 
professional tools.

Adobe Bridge 2020 10.0.3



Adobe Bridge gives you centralized access to all the multimedia resources you need for
 creative projects. You can easily edit components in batch mode, edit digital images in RAW 
format, work with IPTC and XMP formats, set image ratings, add watermarks, and centrally 
set color parameters — Bridge CC will simplify your work and help maintain order.



Adobe Character Animator 2020 3.1



Character Animator allows you to animate two-dimensional characters created in Photoshop 
CC and Illustrator CC. Capture your movements and record your voice using your webcam 
and microphone. Character Animator tracks your facial expressions and movements in real 
time, and your smile is transmitted to the character.

Create characters from scratch in Illustrator or Photoshop, or use the built-in templates in 
Character Animator.
Turn two-dimensional graphic objects into animated characters using your own movements 
and facial expressions captured on a webcam.

Control the movements of the puppets by adding and removing gestures, such as turning the 
head or flashing automatically.

Export interactive animation streams for broadcast.

Adobe Dimension 3.1.1



Adobe Dimension CC is a set of tools for 2D and 3D design that make it easy to create high-
quality photorealistic 3D images, and perform compositing of 2D and 3D resources for 
visualizing products in a realistic environment. The main idea of the product is to give 
developers the necessary tools to combine their 2D and 3D assets without having to study 
complex and specialized applications.

In other words, the program allows you to quickly and easily make "delicious" visualizations 
and other creative work that combines 2D and 3D graphics. Using machine learning, this 
Adobe tool is able to automatically determine the best scene lighting and place the lighting 
source in the right place. Adobe Dimension CC also automatically aligns objects relative to 
the horizon line. The product is intuitive and similar to the photoshop and Illustrator 
interfaces. V-Ray is used for rendering in Adobe Dimension CC. the application displays how 
the final image will look, without wasting time on the final rendering


Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 v20.1.0 (build 15211)



Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 is a new version of the application designed for creating 
professional websites. The Adobe Dreamweaver web design software contains an intuitive 
visual interface that allows you to create and edit websites and mobile applications. Use 
"fluid Grid Layouts" with cross-platform support to create web pages. Before publishing 
preview created layouts in panel a multi-screen viewing.

Adobe Illustrator 24.1



The Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 software is managed by the new Adobe Mercury Performance 
System, which allows you to process large, complex files with high speed and reliability. A 
modern, updated interface optimizes the execution of everyday tasks. Advanced creative 
tools allow you to implement ideas more effectively.


Adobe InCopy 2020 15.0.1



Adobe InCopy CC 2020 is a professional content creation and editing program that is closely 
related to the Adobe InDesign CC 2020 program to improve interaction between design 
teams and editors. Adobe InCopy CC 2020 is ideal for large projects where many people 
work on text and graphic design.

Adobe InCopy CC 2020 is part of Creative Cloud. Therefore, all the latest updates are 
available to its users, and access to new versions is provided from the moment they are 
released. Improve your skills and learn new tools with a large and constantly growing 
collection of training videos. Thanks to the integration with Behance, you can share your 
projects with other users and instantly get feedback about your work from designers from all 
over the world.

Adobe InDesign 2020 15.0.1



The Adobe InDesign CC 2020 desktop software is a universal content publishing application 
that provides precise control over design and typography at the pixel level. By downloading 
the portable app to you can create stylish, expressive pages for printing, tablet PCs, 
and other screens. Easily adapt layouts to different page formats, orientations, and devices 
while maintaining high image quality

Adobe Media Encoder 2020 14.0.1



Adobe Media Encoder 2020 is an encoding program that allows you to encode audio and 
video files into various distribution formats for different applications and audiences. Such 
video and audio formats are characterized by a high degree of compression. Using this 
program, you can export videos to formats supported by various devices, from DVD players 
and websites to mobile phones, portable media players, and standard and high-definition 



Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.1 v18.1



Adobe Photoshop Elements software allows you to edit images using multi-functional, easy-
to-use tools and display them in print, over the Internet, on Facebook, and in many other 
ways. Live in the present, knowing that you can easily turn pictures of everyday life into truly 
vivid photos.



Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 2020 9.2



Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an indispensable program for working with digital photos. 
With Lightroom, you can quickly import, process, manage, and display images. Improved 
correction tools, flexible print settings, and powerful systematization features significantly 
speed up the workflow.


Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 v18.0


Adobe Premiere Elements, an entry-level non-linear editing program, combines reliable, 
multi-functional editing tools for video material that has been digitized or originally shot 
with a digital camera, and high-end creative process management tools. Thanks to Adobe 
Premiere Elements, you can get the highest professional level of video at home. In addition, 
you can use titles, special effects, and Dolby Digital sound

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 14.0.1



Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 is a professional program for non-linear video editing. The app 
provides high-quality video editing in 4K resolution and higher, with 32-bit color, both in RGB 
and YUV color space. Editing audio samples, support for VST audio plug-ins and 5.1 surround 
audio tracks. The Premiere Pro plug-in architecture allows you to import and export content 
from QuickTime or DirectShow containers, and supports a huge number of video and audio 
formats from MacOS and Windows.


Adobe XD 27.0.12



Adobe XDCC is a new creative tool from Adobe for designing high-quality user interface 
prototypes for mobile and web applications. This tool is specifically designed for building fast 
prototypes, as well as for high fidelity user interface and design. With Adobe XDC, anyone 
can create frames, interactive prototypes, and highly reliable app and website design. Once 
you have your prototype, you can import visual effects into Visual Studio or the IDE of your 
choice to start creating the final app.