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MAC OS latest UTILITIES sep 25, 2018

Microsoft Office Standard 2016 v16.16.2 (64-bit)

Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle [En]

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 5.4 [En]

BitMedic® Pro Antivirus 2.7 [En]

Boinx FotoMagico 5.6.3 [En]

Camtasia v2018.0.4 [En]

File Cabinet Pro 6.6.1 [En]

GraphicConverter 10 v10.6.4

iMazing 2.7.1

Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition

iNet Network Scanner 2.5

Luminar 2018 v1.3

Nik Complete Collection by DxO 1.2.15

Priime Styles 1.5.1

Photolemur 3 1.0

Virus Scanner Plus 3.11

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and read the Readme.txt why exactly …

Further to the selection, installation as you normally would or by using the Open Gatekeeper friendly.



  5,33 GB


 Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle [En]

Release date: 2018
Supported OS: OS x 10.10 +
Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
* Apple Mac users need OS x 10.10 Yosemite or newer
* An Intel Core 2 processor or compatible
• A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater

The Exposure X Bundle is a complete standalone photo editor and organizer. The bundle 
components (Exposure X, Snap Art 4, and Blow Up 3) can each be used as a plug-in. The plug-
in requirements are as follows:

* Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 or newer

* Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2018 or newer


A collection of all the latest graphics filters released by Alien Skin Software for Adobe 
Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Apple Aperture. These filters will be useful 
for both beginners and professional users of the listed graphic editors. With them you can 
easily and accurately process or decorate your picture.

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and familiarize yourself with Help.txt why exactly …
Further to the selection, installation as you normally would or by using the Open Gatekeeper 

* Administrator rights are required to install the plugin.
* * Run the installer and follow the instructions
• After installing the plugin, click on "Finish".

                               App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 5.4 [En]

The release took place: 14.09.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.10 +
Interface language: English

System requirements:
OS x 10.10 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Manage installed applications, uninstall unnecessary applications, delete service application 
Delete all service files and be sure that nothing extra takes up space on your disk. Start the 
application and it will automatically do all the work to find service files for you.

Additional information:

The key value of the Acceleration of the work of the Mac through:
* delete application files that occupy system resources.
* remove the remnants of applications that were previously deleted in the usual way.
* management of all types of service files (caches, logs, settings, etc. • )

Key advantage: App Cleaner removes Remains (or application remains) - files that remain 
when deleted in the standard way to the recycle bin. Thus, with the help of App Cleaner, you 
can completely remove applications.

Key feature:

• Full system scan and preview of installed applications
• Removal of all types of office files
* Remove remnants of previously deleted applications
* Reset applications to the first run state
* Simple shorts
* Quick view of any file or application
* View file formats associated with the application
* In-app hints
* Display unused applications
• The list of mandatory exceptions to the search

How to uninstall apps with App Cleaner:

1. Start App Cleaner.
2. Scan all applications and system files.
3. Select the unwanted application (left column). This requires an in-app purchase.
4. Select all service files in the right column.
5. Click the Delete button.
6. If some apps haven't been removed because of permissions, follow the quick link in Finder 
and move them to your Trash in the usual way*.

* Some applications cannot be uninstalled because they require administrator rights. In this 
case, switch to the quick link Finder and delete the file in normal mode

- App Cleaner & Uninstaller is optimized for macOS High Sierra, the new version is even 
better for removing Mac apps:
- Improved searching for Web Browser Extensions
- Drag & Drop applications for uninstall feature added
- Applications without bundle identifier are supported to uninstall
- Сomplex applications and groups of applications supported to uninstall
- Changed the way App Cleaner shows messages and news
- Built-in searching apps by name improved
- Applications' icons removal improved
- Feedback form improved
- Built-in Help and Helpdesk system updated
- Minor user interface improvements made
- Several user-reported issues fixed
- Fixed crash when displaying broken launch agents
- More new macOS applications supported for clean up and uninstall

                                    BitMedic® Pro Antivirus 2.7 [En]

The release took place: 18.09.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.8 +
Interface language: English

System requirements:
OS x 10.8 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


macOS is considered to be one of the most secure operating systems available. But as 
popularity increases, they begin to get attacked by hackers and malware. Protect your Mac 
and protect your sensitive information. New threats target not only your Mac security, but 
also your personal information and identity.

BitMedic Pro Antivirus has been designed specifically for Mac and offers a complete set of 
protection. BitMedic gives you simple 3-step protection to give you maximum security and 
keep your Mac safe from attacks.

Additional information:

Antivirus protection

● Full Mac Scan - quick scan and deep scan
● Selective scan-Drag & Drop file scanner
● Health monitor - 24/7 real-time protection

Full Mac Scan offers 2 options. Quick scan will quickly and efficiently scan the most important 
locations of your Mac. Our proprietary algorithm makes this a painless and fast process, 
allowing you to scan your Mac conveniently and more often. For maximum protection, deep 
scan will scan every critical location for potential threats. Selective scanning supports Drag & 
Drop for ease of use. Health Monitor gives 24/7 real-time protection, scanning every change 
in folders under control.

Adware Protection

● Adware Scanner! Goodbye pop-up advertising scams!
● Remove browser add-ons with advertising software.
● Reset your web browsers to default settings

BitMedic also provides Adware protection! Check your Mac to remove ads. Advanced settings 
allow users to remove browser extensions of advertising SOFTWARE and any add-ons. You 
can also restore your web browser to its default settings. Know that Adware and malware are 
different! You will need to use "Adware Scan"for Adware and Quick/Deep scan for malware.

Peculiar properties

● Adware scanner
● High-performance multi-threaded scanner
● Automatic update of the reference database
● 24/7 real-time protection
● Optimized for better performance
● Runs in the background
● Supports all mail, file archives, executables and documents
● Multiple scanning options
● Exclude files / drives / folders to speed up the scanning process
● Delete 1-tap to send to quarantine or trash
● Easy to schedule a scan

                       Boinx FotoMagico 5.6.3 [En]

Release date: September 2018
Supported OS: macOS X 10.10+
Interface language: English

Treatment: included
Type of medicine: keygen

System requirements:
OS x 10.10 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


FotoMagico-a popular package to create a slide show from the company Boinx Software.

The program includes a separate player that allows you to view high-resolution slideshows 
on computers that do not have the FotoMagico package installed (previously, this was only 
possible when exporting a slideshow to a video clip, and you had to find a compromise 
between large file size and resolution).

Among the additional features of the player is the limitation of the amount of time or views 
during which the slide show remains available for viewing. FotoMagico allows you to export 
your slideshow to a screensaver format and overlay images with watermarks. Now it is 
possible to export slide shows for Apple iPad. It is possible to install plugins for Apple Final 
Cut and Apple Aperture. Boinx FotoMagico allows you to create a professional slideshow 
with music, just a couple of mouse clicks.

Additional information:

Key features of the program:

● Resize, move, rotate, zoom and merge images;
● Beautiful transitions between slides;
● Overlaying text captions on images;
● Using the best possible hardware resolution;
● Support for large displays, HDTV or other high resolution screens;
● Burn images to DVD with iDVD or Roxio Toast;
● Export slideshow to iPod;
● Save to any QuickTime-compatible format.

- FotoMagico is now compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave

- Added support for macOS 10.14 Mojave dark mode user interface
- Added sharing support for 2018 iPhone models
- Fixed various drag and drop related bugs in the media browser
- Various stability improvements and small fixes

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and drag the application icon to the Applications folder"
Register the data obtained in the keygen (in the list select the desired version of the 

                               Camtasia v2018.0.4 [En]

Release date: September 2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.11 +

Interface language: English, German, French

Treatment: included
Type of medicine: keygen

System requirements:

● Mac computer with an Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores (Recommended: 
2.8 Ghz Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores or better)

● MacOS 10.11 or later (Rendering is not supported on external USB monitors))

● 4GB of RAM (Recommended: 8GB of RAM or greater)
● 4GB of available disk space (minimum)
● Powerpoint Import requirements PowerPoint 2016 For Mac
● Playback using the Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge
( Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later), latest version for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, 
iOS 11+, Android 5+ (Latest Chrome required) 


Camtasia for Mac is an effective application for creating a variety of videos: from visual 
presentations to video tutorials and demo slides for presentations. Camtasia for Mac 
makes the process of creating and editing videos even faster and more convenient. With 
new easy-to-use software tools, the time to produce videos is reduced by 40-60%, and 
the video itself is of higher quality. Camtasia will help you to design your materials and 
professionally implement ideas. Your video projects created with Camtasia will fit 
perfectly into the design of a web page or blog, they can be recorded on a disc or any 
portable device.

Additional information:


● An extensive set of different cursor effects — animation, zoom, click visualization and 
much more — allows you to best focus the attention of viewers on the necessary 
nuances in the video.

● Easily add animated shapes, pop-UPS, annotations, arrows and lines throughout the 
video. There are a variety of preset options, as well as the ability to quickly set up and 
save callouts for reuse in future projects, providing a single style for all projects.
● More accurate and smooth image zooming and panning.
● The ability to extend individual frames allows you to highlight important moments in 
the video and give more time for narration.
● Custom annotations can be added to the timeline and reused throughout the video or 
integrated into other projects.
● Clearly demonstrate the functionality of applications using Camtasia for Mac will help 
a comprehensive set of special frames: IPad, Thunderbolt, MacBook Pro and many 

- Added support for French language.
- Fixed a problem that prevented upgrading Camtasia 2 projects in some cases.
- Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when combining animations with the clip 
speed effect.
- Fixed a problem importing media with special characters in projects exported from 
- Fixed a problem that prevented quizzes from being shown when email reporting were 
not .
Bug fixes and improvements.

Installation procedure:
Mount the image and drag the application icon to the Applications folder"
Register the data obtained in the keygen (in the list select the desired version of the 

                               File Cabinet Pro 6.6.1 [En]

The release took place: 17.09.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.11+
Interface language: English, Korean
System requirements:
OS x 10.11 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


File Cabinet Pro-Mac OS menu bar file Manager. The program allows you to quickly 
navigate to the desired files without downloading the desktop. Open, move, rename, 
compress, add tags, delete, copy and more, all from the menubar row. You can open 
many file types in File Cabinet Pro or open files by running other applications. File 
Cabinet Pro is a versatile and very easy to use application.

The program File Cabinet Pro comes with a built-in text editor, image viewer and PDF 
files, as well as a media player. In File Cabinet Pro you can open SL file types for editing 
/ viewing:

Text document:

● Plain Text files (TXT)
● Rich Text Format (RTF)
● Rich Text format Directory (RTFD))
● Portable Document Format (PDF)

Documents in image format:

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
● Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG ))
● Tagged Image File Format (tiff, tif)
● image file (bmp))
● Photoshop File Format (psd) Import only
● Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) Import only

Documents in the form of audio/video:
● mov, mp4, m4a, m4v, avi, mp3, wav, caf, aif

- If you have a Force Touch Trackpad, you can now force click to edit a filename.
- If you have a Force Touch Trackpad, you can now force click on a file's icon to bring up 
- Fixed issue that caused buttons to sometimes disappear from the Touch Bar on 
MacBook Pros after switching to List view.
- Fixed a bug in Dark Mode in Icon view that caused the "Empty Folder" label to draw 
with a white background.
- Fixed issue where clicking a tab started a dragging session prematurely.


                             GraphicConverter 10 v10.6.4

Release date: September 2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.9 +
Interface language: Russian, English, German, French, etc.

System requirements:
OS x 10.9 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


GraphicConverter 10 is a full-featured graphics editor that allows you to import images 
from files in 200 different formats, make all the necessary changes, and then save them 
in one of the 80 supported formats. The program allows you to perform all the basic 
operations with files: color correction, cropping, resizing and resolution, simple pixel 
editing operations, there is a display of geographical metadata on the map, smooth 
scaling, support for working with multiple CPU cores or processors. In addition, it 
supports batch processing of files, working with filters compatible with Adobe 
Photoshop, etc.

Additional information:

Import and export functions:

● Import about 200 and export of approx 80 graphic formats
● Direct import from camera (including RAW)
● TWAIN interface for scanners
● Cataloging (web, print, photography)
 Graphical file and picture browser

Photo organization and workflow management:

● Batch conversion mode
● Presentation function
● Support For AppleScript

To edit photos:

● Express image enhancement functions
● Enhance and create images for Internet use
● Basic photo editing features
● Advanced functions, effects and filters for manipulation
● Color management with ColorSync and ICC profiles.

New features:

- Import from digital camera: option remove exif image description tag
- Browser context menu item: append caption
- Action: set alpha with image
- Kuwahara filter

                               iMazing 2.7.1

Release date: 2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.9 +
Interface language: Russian, English, German etc.

System requirements:
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS x 10.9 or later
iTunes 12.2.0 or later
iOS 4.0 or later


iMazing: a great alternative to iTunes
Agree, iTunes is a great tool for working with idevices and media files, but it lacks 
something. To understand what exactly, the developers of iMazing software decided, 
which not only can be a smart replacement for the "Apple" service, but also an integral 
tool for the full functioning of your iPhone or iPad.

iMazing allows the user to work with absolute files of any format, including entire 
applications with stored data – programs can really be completely safe to copy. Sync 
gadget iMazing does not require, unlike iTunes.


About possibilities of iMazing on a backup. Here the user can make a backup copy of his 
gadget, clone it, and backup individual files or folders (for example, only music without 
video, not the entire library), and, of course, restore data. Also, no one forbids the 
extraction of files of your choice and their subsequent encryption. The developers also 
took care of those who have devices that store a large number of SMS messages: 
iMazing allows you to copy not only text messages, but also attachments, and then work 
with them through the computer. This way, users can free up extra space on their iPhone 
without losing any data.

Program features:

• Managing files and working with file system for iOS
* Application management, including backup and recovery
* Full backup / restore iPhone and iPad
* Music management, sync with iTunes
* View and export messages and attachments
* Export contacts by simply dragging and dropping
* Export voice mail, notes, call history
* Export individual photos, entire albums and photo stream

iPhone XS & XS Max Ready, iOS 12 Compatibility

iPhone XS and XS Max should be displayed beautifully when connected to iMazing
iOS 12 is fully supported, including updating to iOS 12 with iMazing

Quick Transfer Wizard

Easily transfer documents, media, books and files to your iOS devices via drag and drop
Drop files and folders in the Quick Transfer window, and iMazing will automatically
 detect compatible apps

Export All Data

Export all data from iOS devices in human readable format in 2 clicks only
Aimed at repair shops, data recovery pros and lawyers
Special shout out to Geneva’s Maclinic repair shop for suggesting the feature 😉

macOS Mojave: Dark Mode & More

Dynamic Dark Mode support: iMazing automatically adapts when changing the macOS 
theme, no need to quit and relaunch
New security & privacy features handled: iMazing will request permission to access 
iTunes backups, and to import media to iTunes’ Library


                                 Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition

The release took place: 09.09.2018
Supported OS: 10.11 and above

Interface language: English

Treatment: included
Type of medicine: the license file

System requirements:
10.11 and above,
64-bit processor 


Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition is a complete solution for creating music and the 
fastest way to implement ideas. Recording of musical material, the audio processing 
including editing pitch, harmonize, fit material for the pace of the project, the definition 
of bits and advanced system cuts the audio automation interface of most plug-ins and 
all the parameters by writing, drawing automation curves, use of generators, 
automation, control from another DAW, as VST, or connected by ReWire, a large number 
of synthesizers and virtual instruments for creating and processing sound — this is not a 
complete list of features of the program.


Improvements to CPU usage when mixer tracks are routed to others, and threaded 
processing is on.
Patcher more improvements to CPU usage
Transpose multiple instrument channels and patterns
The installer will now work when started from a location that has unicode characters in 
its name, as well as handle folders with unicode characters correctly
Added “Delete” item to effect slot menu in the mixer
Chop audio clips in 8th and 16th
Consolidated audio now shows above the muted original track instead of below, in the 
Open a sample or plugin from the browser without showing the Channel window by 
holding the ALT key
User data folder can now be reset to the default value, in the File settings window

Diagnostic: user data location is shown in reports
New FL Studio 20 desktop icon
ZGE Visualizer: maximum layer count increased from 50 to 100
ZGE Visualizer: new “Solo layer” feature to quickly test a single layer
Added About, Preferences and Quit items to macOS menu

Treatment procedure:

1. Run KeyGen and create a KeyFile (you can use a pre - generated file - "FLRegKey.reg")
2. Run the program at the top, where all the menus find "Help" - > "About" and in the 
lower left corner click " Unlock with File"
3. Select the generated file from step 3 and load it into the program.
4. Restart the program, turn on the Internet


                                      iNet Network Scanner 2.5

The release took place: 07.09.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.8 +

Interface language: English, German and Spanish
System requirements:
OS x 10.8 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


iNet provides you with information about the network your Mac is connected to. User-
friendly design allows even inexperienced users to get full information about your local 

iNet shows the devices connected to your local network, computer or router, as well as 
their name, IP and provider. iNet discovers and distinguishes between Windows and 
Macintosh. For most Apple computers, you can see a specific model. Find out the name, 
providers, and IP of connected devices, as well as the number of Bonjour services 
running on that particular device.

The technology used in iNET scans at a very low level, so you can find, for example, a 
Mac OS x computer that runs in stealth mode.


● Network scan
● Ping
● Bonjour browser
● Portscan
● Device info
● Wake on Lan (turn on the computer via the network)
● Sleep on Lan (Macintosh only))
● Extensive help section
● Sending results to email

- [Added] Copy IP and MAC via ctrl-click
- [Added] Display AirTunes capability in Airport Monitor
- [Added] Some icons to icon chooser
- [Updated] Vendor database
- [Fixed] Possible (rare) crash in Airport monitor
- [Fixed] Some translations and layout changes
- Please support further development and maintaining - rate iNet in the App Store

(You can find a direct App Store link in "About iNet")

                                              Luminar 2018 v1.3

Release date: 2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.10.5 +
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.

System requirements:
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS x 10.10.5 or later
Processor Core 2 Duo from late 2009 or newer


Luminar is the world's first photo editor that adapts to your style and skill level. Luminar 
makes complex editing easy and enjoyable. Luminar is based on the latest photo-
processing technologies of the Macphun team with over 10 years of development 
experience, award-winning and loved by millions.

An adaptive interface that inspires you to do more - while other photo editors offer you 
to adapt to their interface, Luminar adapts to your skill level. There is no need to face 
dozens of sliders if you just want to remove an object from the image or apply presets. 
But if you need to perform some serious tasks, you can easily access all the advanced 
features. Enjoy using only the necessary tools, effects and features that you actually use 
for your photo.


More power - for stunning unique results.
From the beginning, enhance your images with an improved RAW engine that is not only 
faster but also provides less noise and better color. Then take full control of your image 
with new object correction and conversion tools, as well as old favorites like Spot Heal 
and Color Temperature to eliminate flaws.

Speed and comfort - take stunning photos in less time.

You'll love the improved editing process with a simplified user interface that speeds up 
your work with presets, filters, and masks. For most photographers, shooting RAW 
means their cameras capture finer details and color. The new RAW Engine means that 
Luminar 2018 can now open and process these files much faster!

The new version significantly improved existing filters and added stunning fast noise 
reduction to clean unwanted noise in real time. Also added new impressive filters to 
style, tone and enhance your photos, including Sun Rays, Dodge & Burn, LUT Mapping, 
Hue Shift, Brilliance and a new new Matte Look. Now you can use microstructure, 
structure, two-color toning, split toning, image Shine filters (to name just a few!) To edit 
even faster than ever before, with greater accuracy and color control.

                                    Microsoft Office Standard 2016 v16.16.2 (64-bit)

Supported OS: OS x 10.10 +
Interface language: Russian, English, German etc.

Treatment: included
Drug type: VL Serializer

System requirements:

• Mac computer with an Intel, 64bit
* Mac OS x version 10.10 or later
• Recommended: 1 GB of RAM
• 6.45 GB of free hard disk space
* HFS+ formatted hard drive (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
• A monitor with 1280x800 resolution or higher
* Safari 7 Recommended


Office for your Mac
The new Office 2016 for Mac is the same Office Suite designed for Mac, including 
Retina display support. Work most efficiently-anywhere, anytime, with anyone. 
Microsoft Office for Mac includes new, modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 
Outlook, and OneNote that have been carefully designed for the Mac platform.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote let you create great looking documents and do 
more work. In addition, the recent files roaming feature allows the user to continue with 
what he has finished on any device. The Office for Mac package uses an upgraded 
ribbon menu for the same organization of functions in Windows and on the iPad, making 
it easier and faster to find the information you need. A new taskbar allows you to 
instantly perform even complex tasks, such as formatting images in Word, creating 
animations in PowerPoint and using formulas in Excel..

Installation procedure:

After you install this version of Microsoft Office Standard 2016, do not upgrade to a
 newer version. VL Serializer does not work with 16.17*.

Before you install Microsoft Office Standard 2016
• Do not miss the selection of components (programs) to install
pic pic
* The office is installed in the default language of the operating system (the choice of 
the interface language is absent as a point in principle)

• To run the installer Microsoft_Office_16.16.18091001_Installer.pkg and follow the 
instruction. (administrator rights required)
* After installing Microsoft Office, run Microsoft_Office_2016_VL_Serializer_2.0.pkg and 
wait for the "license" installation to finish"


                                       Nik Complete Collection by DxO 1.2.15

Supported OS: macOS 10.12 +
Interface language: Russian, English, German etc.

System requirements:
4 GB of RAM (6 GB recommended)
2 GB or more of available hard-disk space
OS x 10.12 (macOS Sierra), 10.13 (macOS High Sierra)
Graphics card with 512 MB of video memory to handle GPU acceleration
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64-bit) through CC 2018
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 through 2018 (apart from HDR Efex Pro 2, which is not compatible with Photoshop Elements)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 through 6 / CC 2018
Graphics processor
NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series, GeForce 9 Series, GeForce 100 Series, GeForce 200 Series, 
GeForce 300 Series, GeForce 400 Series, GeForce 500 Series, ATI Radeon HD2000 Series, 
Radeon HD3000 Series, Radeon HD4000 Series, Radeon HD5000 Series, Radeon HD6000 
Series.If no compatible card is available, GPU acceleration will be disabled and the CPU 
will be used. 


Spectacular photos easily and quickly. Discover all the features of Nik Collection.
Professional retouching techniques. Seven plugins for Photoshop®, Lightroom® or 
Aperture® will help you achieve amazing results. Point editing. U Point® technology 
allows you to edit only those areas of the image that require improvement without the 
use of selection and masks.

Installation procedure:
When installing, select "Trial" and put as usual.

                    Priime Styles 1.5.1

Supported OS: macOS 10.11 +
Interface language: English
System requirements:
OS x 10.11 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Apply professional presets created and used by the world's best modern photographers.

Priime has more than 100 photographic styles (also known as presets or filters) that are 
created in collaboration with the world's leading photographers in the form of their 
photographic styles. Works without requiring any other programs to add style to one or 
more photos at once. Elegant integration in and full integration with 
Lightroom photo catalogs.

To create a single style for all your photos, multiple photo editing is available in batch 
mode to quickly apply styles to any number of different photos and regardless of 
whether it's in a standalone app or multiple photos selected in the Lightroom catalog 
and using Priime as an integrated external editor.

The app allows you to view your photos as a grid, already pre-edited with all styles. This 
new workflow makes it easy to choose the look and feel without having to use the 
preview after each option.

Supported photo formats:

*ARW - Sony
*CRW - Canon
*CR2 - Canon
*NEF - Nikon RAW
*ORF - Olympus RAW
*RAF - Fuji RAW
*MRW - Minolta RAW
*DCR - Kodak RAW
*DNG - Adobe / Leica RAW
PNT, MAC, and more


                                              Photolemur 3 1.0

The release took place: 20.09.2018
Supported OS: OS x 10.11 or higher

Interface language: English, German, Japanese

System requirements:
OS x 10.11 or above,
64-bit processor 


Photolemur is a photo editing tool, the world's first fully automated photo enhancement 

According to its creators, the Photolemur service will use artificial intelligence to 
improve the editing algorithm in automatic mode, analyzing how much the image 
improvements made like or dislike the user to improve its performance in the future.

Unlike most all-in-one programs, in which photo editors usually work according to a 
hard-coded filter algorithm, Photolemur full promises to apply improvements adapted to 
each image by recognizing the type of objects on it: faces, trees, sky, greenery, and 
more, as well as evaluating the difference of the frame scenario: landscape, portrait, 

As the user uses Photolemur to process more and more of his / her images, the 
algorithm of the subsequent automatic actions with the images will be improved, as the 
information about each subsequent successful / unsuccessful improvement of the image 
will replenish the database and, thus, the automatic processing of Photolemur will 
become more and more successful, as well as take into account the preferences of a 
particular user. The archive is a full version of the program with the drug that does not 
require a tablet.

Installation procedure:

1. Double-click the DMG file
2. Read the Readme.txt
3. Select Manual Install for normal installation (by dragging the application icon to the 
Applications folder) or using Open Gatekeeper friendly

                                         Virus Scanner Plus 3.11


Supported OS: macOS 10.7 +
Interface language: English, German, French, etc.

System requirements:
OS x 10.7 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Virus Scanner Plus-Stay safe! Keep others safe!

According to representatives of Bitdefender, This is the most popular antivirus company. The 
description of the program indicates that it not only provides protection, but also does not 
allow viruses to spread to other computers. Virus Scanner Plus owners are able to scan 
specific folders or the whole system at any time. In Continuous mode, Scan anti-virus running 
constantly. Virus Scanner Plus searches for malware even in archives, PDF documents and pkg 
installation files, as well as zip, rar, etc.

If users download the infected file or receive it in an email, the Mac will be protected. Virus 
Scanner Plus runs on Bitdefender antivirus engines. The app is reacting both on Windows and 
on OS X defend yourself against the likes. The new version of the software is able to quickly 
scan those parts of the system that are more likely to be infected. Virus Scanner Plus only 
scans your system for the presence of defend yourself against the likes, but it cannot remove 
it. According to representatives of Bitdefender, This is the most popular antivirus company.


● Easy to use interface;
● Quarantine dangerous files;
● Deep system scan;
● Drag and drop to scan files and folders;
● Exclude files and folders from scanning (i.e. Time Machine backups, etc.))