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MAC Download Hub. Apr 1, 2021

MAC  Download Hub.  Apr 1, 2021


AnyTrans for iOS 8.8.1 (build 20210325)

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 7.4

CleanMyMac X 4.8.1

ExpanDrive 7 v7.7.8

iNet Network Scanner

MacCleaner 2 PRO 2.5

MacCleanse 9.0.7

Password Repository 4.2.1

Tuxera NTFS 2020.1

Wondershare Recoverit


!!!!  Do not update these applications to avoid losing their functionality







AnyTrans for iOS 8.8.1 (build 20210325)

Released: 03/30/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.10 +

Interface language: English, German, etc.

System requirements:

• macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, 10.10
• iOS: iOS 11/ 10/ 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
• Resolution: 1024x768 display or above
• RAM: 512MB system memory
• Display Card: Accelerated 3D graphics - 64MB RAM
• Hard Disk: 100 MB hard drive space
• Others: iTunes 9.0 or above; iTunesMobileDevice driver installed


AnyTrans is designed for fast and easy file transfer from computer to iPhone / iPad and vice versa. Music, photos, videos, applications, books, contacts, sms and other data can be added to your iOS device in no time and just as easy to get them out of there.

AnyTrans, unlike iTunes, is simple and intuitive. Each device is displayed on a separate tab, which shows detailed information about the gadget, used and free disk space. The tab of the iTunes library is displayed separately, from where you can transfer the content you are interested in to the device without launching the "monster".

The cool feature of AnyTrans is the cloning of devices. With its help, you can transfer all your data from one device directly to another, regardless of the OS versions on which they run. This feature will be very useful when transferring data from an old device to a new one. If you do not want to copy absolutely all data, then the function of creating backups will come in handy. It will allow you to save only selected data types, such as applications, and copy them to another device. By the way, not only applications are saved, but also all their documents and data (save games, etc.).

In addition to creating your own backups, AnyTrans can open standard device backups from iTunes. This is also useful if you need to "fish out" certain information.

And one more thing that iTunes cannot do. With AnyTrans, the proverbial dream of saving documents and files on iOS devices, like on a regular flash drive, becomes a reality. In the File System - Storage menu, you can create as many folders as you like and put any files there, as long as there is enough free space. There you can also view them on another computer.

The control buttons allow you to perform six main actions:

● export content to iTunes;
● export of content to a computer;
● connection to another device;
● transfer of new content to the device;
● "cloning" the device;
● combining content from two devices.

As you can see, with their help, you can not only quickly add a new album of your favorite artist or a fresh episode of the series, but also perform many actions that iTunes never dreamed of. For example, you can transfer music from a friend's iOS device to your computer, or "clone" your old iPhone for a quick migration to a new one. Moreover, AnyTrans is able to copy content between devices directly.

The principle of each of the operations is simple: select an action, specify the necessary conditions and wait for the copying process to complete.

In addition to basic operations, we can interact with certain types of data. And this applies not only to media files and applications, but also contacts, notes, calendars, as well as backups.

This is very easy to do. We select the content that needs to be transferred and indicate the destination (iTunes, computer or other device). Music, videos, photos, podcasts, books, applications - any of your files can be easily shared with friends or downloaded to your computer.

AnyTrans also allows you to handle personal data from your iOS devices. These include Safari Notes, Calendars, Messages, Contacts, History, and Bookmarks. Since this is private information, you will need to be signed in to iCloud to access it.

Almost all of the above - albeit in a limited form and with a number of caveats - is in iTunes, you say. What else can surprise AnyTrans? In fact, many. It has several interesting features that are worth dwelling on.

One of the most useful features is the automatic conversion when copying media files not supported by iOS. Just drag and drop any movie or clip into your device folder and AnyTrans converts it to MPEG-4 or H.264 on the fly, depending on your quality settings. The same is true for "foreign" audio formats - right during copying they will turn into AAC or MP3 files.


App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 7.4

The release took place: 03/30/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.10 or higher

Interface language: Russian, English, etc.

System requirements:

• OS X 10.10 or later
• Intel 64-bit processor


View installed applications and uninstall package files for complete removal.
App Cleaner - Best app to remove service app files on Mac OS X and uninstall apps.
Delete service files of the application. Make sure they don't eat up precious space on your Mac with this useful jogging app for you.

Additional Information:

• Removing application files
• Removing garbage from applications that were simply entered into Trash
• Manage all types of service files (caches, logs, preferences, etc.)

Main advantage: App Cleaner removes leftovers - files of previously deleted applications.
This way you will be able to completely uninstall the apps.

Key features:

• Scan system and preview installed applications
• Remove all service file types
• Remove remnants of previously uninstalled applications
• Easy to use shortcuts
• Quick view of any file or application
• Dedicated application-associated preview file formats
• Show unused applications
• Skip the list option

How to remove applications using the App Cleaner:

1. Run the application
2. Check all applications for service files
3. Select an unnecessary application (left view)
4. Select all your service files that are not needed with Your point of view
5. Click the "Remove" button
6. If some applications have not been removed due to access rights, switch to Finder and manually move them to the Trash.

NOTE! Some applications cannot be uninstalled because they require administrator rights. In this case, you need to switch to Finder and delete the application file as usual.

Installation procedure:
Mount the image and drag the icon with the application to the Applications folder



CleanMyMac X 4.8.1

Released: 03/15/2021
Supported OS: OS X 10.10 and higher

Interface language: Russian, English and others

System requirements:

● macOS 10.10 or higher
● Intel / ARM 64-bit CPU


Today we are pleased to announce that CleanMyMac X launches native support for Apple Silicon Mac computers and gets a completely updated look.

Everything you knew about caring for your Mac, but X times better.
CleanMyMac scans every corner of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in two clicks, and helps you keep your Mac in good shape. CleanMyMac has a beautiful interface that won't leave anyone indifferent. Everything is done in the standard form of Mac OS: beautiful, convenient and affordable. Cleaning, protection and speed are the basis of the new version. Thus, CleanMyMac becomes a complete solution not only for cleaning and maintenance, but also for such an important task as protecting your Mac from the threats of the modern world.

The full range of functions includes, but is not limited to:

Cleaning all types of waste
We took all our 10 years of experience in cleaning and redesigned it. Improved debris cleaning algorithms are complemented by our unique safety base, maximizing cleaning safety and efficiency.

Protect Your Mac from Threats
Meet the new Vulnerability Removal module that detects and removes a variety of threats from your Mac. Forget adware, spyware, viruses, worms, keyloggers, ransomware and other vulnerabilities lurking on your system.

Optimizing and speeding up your system
Follow all vital maintenance procedures required to keep your Mac running at full speed. In addition, control the programs running on your Mac without wasting resources on unknown or malfunctioning processes.

Updating and Correctly Removing Programs
The offline updater will check for updates for all installed programs and allow you to install them. But when it comes to uninstalling programs, the new Uninstaller will show the top of usability and functionality.

Providing complete control
Meet your new CleanMyMac Assistant who is always ready to help with advice. Another indispensable tool is the CleanMyMac X Menu, which provides quick access to a set of handy panels and tasks - freeing up RAM, testing the network and more.

Appearance and impression?
Let them speak for themselves ...


Key features:


Enjoy great performance with M1 support
In November 2020, Apple introduced the first Mac computers based on the powerful M1 processor. With this update, CleanMyMac X adds native support for the new chip. So if you're the proud owner of the latest Mac model, get ready to enjoy the fast, hassle-free CleanMyMac X on your brand new computer.


Meet a fantastic new look!
Ready to see your CleanMyMac ‌X refreshed inside and out? We've improved a lot of things to make cleaning and optimizing your Mac more fun and interactive. We can't wait to see new eye-catching glass icons, cool animations and floating effects, and more!


ExpanDrive 7 v7.7.8

Released: 03/26/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.10+

Interface language: English

System requirements:

● macOS 10.10 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


Working with remote data is increasingly common in our lives. Home LAN, Dropbox. All these things have long become familiar to many. Software developers are happy to offer us a variety of programs that should help bring all these media and cloud services to a common look.
This utility allows you to mount remote storage devices (FTP, WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.) as a familiar drive that will appear in Finder along with other drives.

The benefits of this are obvious - any program can directly work with remote storage files in the same way as if they were directly on your hard drive or USB flash drive. That is, each program gets cloud storage at its disposal. For example, you can upload pictures to your blog bypassing some Transmit, set Hazel and other useful utilities on them.

Small SSD owners will love the ability to work directly with Dropbox without duplicating all of the information on the hard drive. ExpanDrive also comes in handy if you want to have access to multiple Dropbox accounts. In v4, syncing happens in the background, just like in Dropbox. This means that you can continue to work on the file even while ExpanDrive is syncing files to the server. Sufficiently high speed of work, even on public WiFi and through VPN there are practically no delays.

Supported services:

- Amazon S3
- Amazon Drive
- Dropbox
- WebDAV
- Rackspace Cloud Files
- Openstack Swift
- DreamObjects
- Strongspace
- Google Drive
- Google Cloud Storage
- OneDrive
- OneDrive for Business
- ownCloud
- Blackblaze B2
- SharePoint Online
- hubiC

Installation procedure:
Mount the image, rewrite the application icon in the Applications folder



iNet Network Scanner

release took place: 03/15/2021
Supported OS: MacOS 10.10+

Language: English, German, Spanish

System requirements:

● macOS 10.10 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


iNet provides you with information about the network to which your Mac is connected. User-friendly design allows even inexperienced users to get complete information about your local network.

iNet shows the devices connected to your local network, computer or router, as well as their name, IP and vendor. iNet detects and distinguishes between Windows and Macintosh. For most Apple computers, you can see a specific model. Find out the name, providers and IP of the communication devices, as well as the number of Bonjour services launched for this particular device.

The technology used in iNET scans at a very low level, so you can find, for example, a Mac OS X computer that is running in stealth mode.



● Network scan
● Ping
● Bonjour browser
● Portscan
● Device info
● Wake on Lan (turn on the computer via the network)
● Sleep on Lan (Macintosh only)
● Extensive help topic
● Send results by email

- [Fixed] Removed blue background in table of scanned devices


MacCleaner 2 PRO 2.5

Release took place: 03/30/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.11+

Interface language: English

System requirements:
● macOS 10.10 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


Clean up your Mac and optimize its performance. Speed ​​up a slow Mac, free up disk space, delete unnecessary files, prevent "Startup Disk Full" error.

Why do you need MacCleaner Pro?

Your Mac needs to periodically clean up unwanted files if you want it to run as fast as new. MacCleaner Pro provides a set of cleaning applications for this, which we call “must haves” for every self-respecting Mac owner.


How do I use MacCleaner Pro?

Using MacCleaner Pro is as easy as ABC. Just launch the application and you will see a list of all the tools with detailed descriptions of what each application can do for you. Open each app and follow the simple steps to start the cleaning process. Whenever you have any questions, just visit the support page or contact support directly. We are always happy to help you.


What are the benefits of MacCleaner Pro?

The best thing about MacCleaner Pro is that it comes with all the tools you need to clean your hard drive safely and deeply. You must use them to keep your Mac up and running and thus extend its life.


My Mac is slow. Can MacCleaner Pro help me?

Despite freeing up disk space, MacCleaner Pro also thinks about your RAM. It can run in the background and monitor the memory usage of applications. When your Mac memory is full, it will clear the inactive RAM and make your Mac fast



MacCleanse 9.0.7

Released: 02/23/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.14+

Interface language: English

System requirements:
● macOS 10.14 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


 A utility for complex cleaning of the cache, deleting log files and cleaning the system from garbage. MacCleanse will do all the operations that would take several hours of manual work in a matter of minutes. It can remove applications and unused language packs, clear the cache, delete log files and cookies, erase the history of visited web pages, find and delete old and unused files, and much more.

The application is also useful for those who work with sensitive confidential data and want to be sure that they do not fall into the wrong hands.


- This version requires at least Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave)


Upgrade Notes:

- This upgrade is free for users owning an active subscription or a non-subscription "lifetime license." No action is required other than downloading the new version from our web site and unlocking as normal with an e-mail address. For all other users, orders for the current version can be purchased on our web site



- Now launches on macOS Big Sur and has basic compatibility. We are still in the process of verifying all the features still work, adding new ones, and updating the UI. We anticipate the full 9.1 release shortly after Big Sur is officially released. This will be a free update for all customers owning the 9.0 pre-release


Bug Fix:

- Main window background color now updates on the fly when switching between light/dark mode
- Fixed autofill for name/email in support dialog
- Fixed emptying trash on remote volumes
- Redesigned main window toolbar

Installation procedure:
Mount the image, rewrite the application icon in the Applications folder



Password Repository 4.2.1

release took place: 03/31/2021
Supported OS: MacOS 10.11+

Language: English

System requirements:
● macOS 10.10 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


Password Repository is a password manager that securely stores all your passwords and all associated data on macOS and iOS.


Key features:


Selectable start document, opened by default when the application starts

Fully compatible with older versions

Fast, secure and stable because everything is native MacOS since the first release

Categories within a document with color-coded labels that can be customized to properly organize passwords

Color categories for viewing passwords with immediate separation of data "by color"

Visualization for any record of "creation data", "modification data" and "use time"

All entries can be sorted, ordered, filtered and displayed as you wish with one click

Search by category, content or combined search is always available

Full customization of the main table, the user can visualize only the selected columns.

Full support for undo adding and deleting posts and categories

Press and pull to use user ID / password on the Internet or other applications without plugins or additional software that can cause complications and security / compatibility issues

Data can be copied with one click and you will receive a copy response in the form of a HUD that pops up on the screen

Password generator inside to create a new password in the format you need (multiple formats available)

Data exchange with other applications. You can import from CSV, TSV, CSV-S (also from Windows format) and export to CSV, TSV, CSV-S, html and custom format (where you define items)

For security reasons, you cannot change the data in the document without switching to edit mode

Data exchange with iPhone and iPad. Any document created with Password Repository 4 on Mac can be uploaded via iTunes and used on iOS without any modification

The document can be automatically locked after a certain period of inactivity in the background

Optimized for the latest macOS 11 Big Sur and can run on any Mac with macOS 10.11 and later

Works perfectly in both light and dark mode
Includes complete user manual in PDF format



Tuxera NTFS 2020.1

Release took place: 01/18/2021
Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.4

Interface language: Russian, English, German, etc.

Treatment: included
Drug type: ready-made serial

System requirements:

Supported platforms : Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12. (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
Supported hardware: Intel or PowerPC Mac


By default, Mac OS X does not support writing to NTFS partitions formatted in Microsoft Windows. But there is a solution. Tuxera NTFS for Mac is a commercial NTFS partition read / write software for Mac users. Tuxera NTFS for Mac delivers the fastest NTFS for Mac transfer speeds by protecting your data with smart caching. Tuxera NTFS for Mac includes Tuxera Disk Manager for easy formatting and maintenance of hard drives such as checking and repairing.

Key features:


• Works in 32-bit and 64-bit kernel modes
• Support for all versions of NTFS
• Create NTFS partitions
• Create NTFS disk images
• Check and fix errors in NTFS partitions


Advanced features:


• Smart caching that improves read / write performance
• Automatic file name conversion
• Extended attributes in native format
• Tuxera NTFS for Mac has a built-in ntfsfix utility that checks NTFS partitions for errors and fixes them.
• After installation, the Tuxera NTFS for Mac driver starts working instead of the built-in driver and automatically mounts NTFS partitions attached to the system.

Installation procedure:
1. Disconnect the Internet.
2. Mount the image, unpack the distribution and follow the prompts of the installer (administrator rights are required)
3. Block the application from accessing the network by all available methods! For example, the Radio Silence program.
4. Reboot the device and register the software with the data from the text file.
5. Turn on the Internet.



Wondershare Recoverit

Released: 03/25/2021
Supported OS: macOS 10.8+

Interface language: English

System requirements:
● macOS 10.8 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


Comprehensive data recovery kit (formerly Wondershare Data Recovery).
Wondershare Recoverit is a professional application that helps you recover deleted, formatted and lost data from any external drive installed on your Mac.


Key features:


● Supports common scenarios for recovering data lost as a result of: accidental deletion, formatting, device misuse, virus attack, software failure, and various other reasons

● Effective recovery of office documents, photos, videos, audio, e-mail, etc. etc. (support for more than 550 file formats)

● Preview mode of recoverable files before scanning

● Ability to set the name or type of recovered files

● Ability to restore files exactly where they were (full path)

and much more ...


● Supported file systems: FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS +, HFSX, NTFS

4 powerful recovery options, this file recovery for Mac helps you thoroughly search, find and recover files.

● Lost File Recovery - recover files deleted using Ctrl + Delete or deleted from the recycle bin, and lost files from formatted or damaged partitions with the original name and tree structure.

● Raw Recovery - file recovery with deeper scanning.

● Partition Recovery - recover a lost partition and data lost due to loss, deletion and partition errors.

● Resume Recovery - save the scan result and import for data recovery later without a second scan.


Supported file types:


● Images

● Video



ZIP, RAR, SIT, SITX, BZip2, 7z

● Email