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MAC OS latest UTILITIES. December 24, 2018

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 6.4

Alfred 3 Powerpack 3.7.1(948)b

BitMedic Pro Antivirus 3.1

KCNcrew Pack 12.15.18

Lingon X 6.5.3

MainMenu Pro 3.5.2

Memory Clean 2 1.8

Path Finder 8.3.7

Roxio Toast Titanium 17 v17.3.0

Winclone Pro 7.3.2

  981 Mb

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 6.4


The release took place: 21.12.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.10 or higher
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
macOS 10.10 or higher
Intel 64-bit CPU 


View the installed applications and remove the package files for complete removal.
App Cleaner is the Best app to delete service app files on Mac OS X and uninstall apps.

Delete application service files. Make sure they don't eat up precious space on your Mac with 
this useful app that makes running around for you.

Additional information:

* delete application files
• removal of debris from the applications that have been just introduced in the Trash
* manage all types of service files (caches, logs, preferences, etc. • )

Main advantage:

 App Cleaner removes leftovers-files of previously deleted apps.
This way you will be able to completely uninstall the applications.

Main feature:

• System scan and preview installed apps
* Delete all types of service files
* Remove remnants of previously uninstalled apps
* Easy to use shortcuts
• Quick view of any file or application
• Special application-associated preview file formats
* Show unused apps
* Skip list option

How to uninstall apps with App Cleaner:

1. Run the application
2. Scan all applications for service files.
3. Select the unwanted application (view left).
4. Select all your "service files" on the right perspective.
5. Click the Delete button.
6. If some apps have not been removed due to permissions, switch to Finder and move them 
manually to the recycle Bin.

Some applications cannot be uninstalled because they require administrator rights. In this 
case, switch to the Finder and delete the application file in the normal way.

- Added support for Safari extensions
- Optimized recovery process to Launch Agent

Alfred 3 Powerpack 3.7.1(948)b

The release took place: 24.12.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.9 +
Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.9 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Alfred Powerpack-application Launcher for Mac OS X.
It would be wrong to say that Alfred is only meant to run applications. Among its functions, 
you can select search by applications (this is understandable), system settings panels, Safari 
bookmarks, contacts, folders, and even ActionScript scripts.

It is very simple to call the Alfred window — by default, the Alt+Space key combination is 
used (as in Spotlight), after which you can write the name of the desired application in it, 
which will appear in the list.

The utility allows you to quickly access other elements of the list using the combination Cmd 
+ digit.

Additional information:

The user can extend the search results using the modifier keys: if you press Alt+Return, the 
query will be sent to the web search engine, and changing Alt to Control will search in 
Spotlight. In addition, the application can be used triggers-words that allow Alfred to change 
its purpose. For example, to ask it to open a specific file, you would write open filename.the 
extension, and to force a search on the system, the word open must be replaced by find.

But that's not all, the user is able to use other triggers to:

- Web search for different sites-in Alfred developers have added not only preset values for 
different popular sites, but also the ability to add your own designs in which you want to 
replace the search query with the phrase {query};

- system commands like restart, shutdown, lock, start screensaver, recycle bin cleaning and 
so on (if desired, the trigger for the command can be changed);

- use normal and advanced calculator (GCMathParser); spell a word or find its definition in 

Additional application options such as appearance or experimental functions are available in 
the Settings window.

General Fixes and Improvements:

- Tweaks Alfred auto-updater to be more reliable with macOS Mojave
- Consolidate Alfred Text Helper into Alfred's core for future proofing with macOS Mojave
- Add new request dialog on first start of Alfred to request permissions
- Add a "Request macOS Permissions" option to the Alfred Status Bar menu if permissions 
aren't currently granted
- Fix empty workflow filter file search results in certain situations when suffixing a search 
term quickly with a space
- Fix Script Filter result mod override variables to correctly inherit upstream variables
- Fix clipboard history image preview to correctly render on retina displays
- Additional integrated URLs updated from http to https, for example, the Apple Maps link in 
the Contacts viewer


BitMedic Pro Antivirus 3.1

The release took place: 16.12.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.9 or higher
Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
macOS 10.9 or higher
Intel 64-bit CPU 


macOS is considered to be one of the most secure operating systems available. But as 
popularity increases, they begin to get attacked by hackers and malware. Protect your Mac 
and protect your sensitive information. New threats target not only your Mac security, but 
also your personal information and identity.

BitMedic Pro Antivirus has been designed specifically for Mac and offers a complete set of 
protection. BitMedic gives you simple 3-step protection to give you maximum security and 
keep your Mac safe from attacks.

Antivirus protection

● Full Mac Scan - quick scan and deep scan
● Selective scan-Drag & Drop file scanner
● Health monitor - 24/7 real-time protection

Full Mac Scan offers 2 options. Quick scan will quickly and efficiently scan the most important 
locations of your Mac. Our proprietary algorithm makes this a painless and fast process, 
allowing you to scan your Mac conveniently and more often. For maximum protection, deep 
scan will scan every critical location for potential threats. Selective scanning supports Drag & 
Drop for ease of use. Health Monitor gives 24/7 real-time protection, scanning every change 
in folders under control.

Adware Protection

● Adware Scanner! Goodbye pop-up advertising scams!
● Remove browser add-ons with advertising software.
● Reset your web browsers to default settings

BitMedic also provides Adware protection! Check your Mac to remove ads. Advanced settings 
allow users to remove browser extensions of advertising SOFTWARE and any add-ons. You 
can also restore your web browser to its default settings. Know that Adware and malware are 
different! You will need to use "Adware Scan"for Adware and Quick/Deep scan for malware.

Peculiar properties

● Adware scanner
● High-performance multi-threaded scanner
● Automatic update of the reference database
● 24/7 real-time protection
● Optimized for better performance
● Runs in the background
● Supports all mail, file archives, executables and documents
● Multiple scanning options
● Exclude files / drives / folders to speed up the scanning process
● Delete 1-tap to send to quarantine or trash
● Easy to schedule a scan

KCNcrew Pack 12.15.18

The release took place: 15.12.2018
Supported OS: mac OS 10.4 +
Interface language: English

Treatment: not required

System requirements:
OS x 10.4 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


KCNcrew Pack is a huge collection of serials for software for Mac OS X with a convenient shell 
for viewing and searching. There is a very long time and every month is updated!

Lingon X 6.5.3


The release took place: 12.12.2018
Supported OS: mac OS 10.13 or higher

Interface language: Russian, English, German etc.

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
Intel 64-bit processor
mac OS 10.13 or later 


Lingon X allows you to visually create startup files that are used to run applications and 
scripts automatically when you boot up macOS. The list of all programs is displayed in a table, 
where it is convenient to edit. It also displays the status of each program: what it does, 
whether it is currently running, etc.

All configuration can be done manually by changing the file "launchd" in a text editor, the 
program creates a user-friendly interface that will help speed up the process and avoid 
errors. You can set autorun as scheduled, and after any particular incident.

Lingon X-is a graphical user interface for creating and editing configuration files for running 
programs / daemons for macOS, which are located in the following directories:



* Automatic launch of the application or script (including on a certain date)
• Check the run application or script
• Ability to automatically change system configuration files
• Does not require its own launch after making changes

MainMenu Pro 3.5.2

Supported OS: macOS 10.11+
Interface language: English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.11 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


The MainMenu utility allows you to organize a new menu in the system, through which you 
can get quick access to the main maintenance operations of Mac OS X in one place, which is 
undoubtedly convenient. These operations include: clearing the cache of the system and 
applications, restoring rights, clearing browser history, cleaning the recycle bin without the 
possibility of recovery, checking the disk, safely deleting individual files, numerous tweaks 
and much more.

By clicking on the application icon, you can select the required action from the drop-down 
menu, whether it is clearing the cache, completing a hung application or optimizing the 
system by "rebuilding" the spotlight index, system and user caches. You can also set your 
own set of actions in the program settings and then run it yourself or on a schedule. 
Everything that makes MainMenu Pro possible to do without his help, by terminal 
commands, but not all users can, and most importantly want to explore the entire range of 
possibilities of the Terminal in UNIX-like systems in General and Mac OS X in particular. It 
follows a pleasant conclusion: for its work MainMenu Pro does not use third-party scripts or 
modules, and therefore can not ruin the system, which is incredibly please not too 
experienced users.

Memory Clean 2 1.8


Supported OS: OS x 10.7 or above
Interface language: English
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.7 or higher
Intel 64-bit CPU 


Memory Clean is an application to optimize the memory of your Mac and it is best to use the 
utility after you have finished intensive memory usage (RAM) in the application or game.

Each user will find "heavy" applications for which a small cleaning of RAM will not prevent. 
Even working with a browser can sometimes take a decent amount of RAM, not to mention 
those who work with video, 3D, image processing, working with vector graphics, and just 
playing games.

Why do I need to clean my Mac memory?
Programs are unloaded from memory only as needed, that is, when it ends. This approach 
greatly speeds up the work, but only if you have a lot of RAM (more than 4 GB). Otherwise, on 
the contrary, it may slow down. It is for such systems and useful utilities like Memory Clean, 
which will be forced to clean the RAM. In most cases, the utilities work automatically, so you 
can install it and "forget" it. Mac memory cleaning will take place in the background, without 
your intervention.

Memory Clean works by clearing idle Mac memory and is best used at the moment you 
close an application that you do not plan to use again. During the cleanup process, older Macs 
may slow down until the cleanup is complete.

Path Finder 8.3.7


Supported OS: OS x 10.11 +
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
* OS x 10.11 or later,
* 64-bit processor


PathFinder is one of the best file managers, attention to detail interface: tabbed browsing, 
previewing a document or audio/video files, management processes, work with archives, 
install/uninstall apps, the ability to change hotkeys in the system to convert the images of 
CD/DVD/Blue Ray discs, dwuhvalentnoe and much, much more.

PathFinder-replacing the standard Finder, offers its users features such as full keyboard 
navigation, built-in FTP client, work with tabs, individual configuration of folders, easy 
search, flexible selection of files.

Version 8.3.7:

Expand Drop Stack automatically when a new item is added.
Fixed nasty crash when previewing text-based files on macOS 10.13 and earlier.
Fixed some minor UI glitches.



Roxio Toast Titanium 17 v17.3.0

The release took place: 11.12.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.11+

Interface language: English, German, French and Japanese

Treatment: included
Drug type: ready-made serial number

System requirements:

Mac computer with an Intel processor
1 GB RAM recommended
Requires Mac OS X 10.11 and above*
Approximately 1 GB of free space to install all components
VideoBoost requires a compatible NVIDIA card and 4GB of RAM for optimal performance
DVD drive required for installation 


Roxio Toast Titanium software is a program for working with discs and multimedia. Roxio 
Toast Titanium is a package of modules for recording music, videos and photos on CD, DVD 
and Blue-Ray discs, for working with discs and media files, organizing discs into catalogues 
and creating covers and inserts. Roxio Toast Titanium interface is intuitive and easy to 
manage, as the version is designed for home, non-professional users. In addition, Roxio Toast 
Titanium allows you to create slideshows with different effects, titles and background music.

In addition, Roxio Toast Titanium allows you to create slideshows with different effects, 
titles and background music. The program contains the ability to extract and convert video 
clips to the desired format, save web-video for viewing on a portable device or TV, convert 
audio books from disk, transfer video from computer to TiVo DVR for viewing on TV, 
automatically create music libraries capture and tags from Internet radio.

Additional information:

Key features of Roxio Toast Titanium
● The program allows you to quickly burn files with music, videos, photos and data to CD, 
DVD and Blue-Ray discs. ● AVCHD files can be burned to standard DVDs for later playback on 
Blu-ray players in HD quality without any plug-ins . 

● You can record what is happening on the screen in real time with the ability to edit, save 
and publish captured videos.

● Users can copy CD, DVD, and Blue - Ray discs, including two-sided DVD videos to one-way 
4.7 GB discs.

Music playback:

● The package offers the functions of creating a custom music library. By converting LP 
records and analog cassettes and capturing streaming audio files from the Internet, the 
program helps to automatically capture, tag and add streaming music tracks to your iTunes 

Video playback:

● Users can place, convert, and record any shows, movies, and music and data on CD, DVD, 
and Blue-Ray discs, or synchronize media data with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other portable 
devices. There are templates for easy video conversion.

Other possibility:

● Recover data from damaged drives
* Creation of music CDs and DVDs with menu in DJ-style.
● Drag-and-drop method support.
● Encode DVDs into video files or create DVDs from video files such as DivX.
● Support HD DVD to burn media with data larger than 30GB and Blue-Ray to burn discs larger 
than 50GB.
● Create a convenient, searchable directory while recording files.

Supported Input Formats:

● Audio: AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, FLAC and Dolby® Digital AC-3
● Video: AVCHD, AVCHD Lite, AVI, DivX Plus HD, DV, FLV and F4V for Adobe® Flash®, MJPEG, 
MOV, MKV, MPEG-1/2/4, VOB, VIDEO_TS folder, and EyeTV recordings
● Disc Images: ISO, BIN/CUE, IMG, DMG, CDR, NRG

- Fixed some compatibility issues with macOS Mojave in Toast.
- Fixed some localization issues in MyDVD Pro.
- Fixed the issue of show chapter thumbnails in MyDVD Pro.
- Fixed the crash during erase BD-RE disc in MyDVD Pro.
- Fixed some memory leak issues in MyDVD Pro.
- Optimized the algorithm of calculate the estimation size in MyDVD Pro.

Installation procedure:

● Mount image
● Double click on the installer, follow the instructions
● Register a number from a text file


Winclone Pro 7.3.2

The release took place: 16.12.2018
Supported OS: macOS 10.12 or higher

Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
macOS 10.12 or higher
Intel 64-bit CPU 


Winclone Utility. Or the easiest way to clone Windows on a Mac. For unknown reasons, the 
standard Disk utility does not work with Windows partitions on macOS: errors during the 
creation or recovery of the image do not allow to complete the process, which makes the 
utility useless when working with Boot Camp partitions. A world-famous partition cloning 
utility like Symantec Norton Ghost does not work on Mac. So makovodam with two operating 
systems "on Board" had not sweet. Winclone - not Acronis True Image, and not Norton Ghost, 
but with the task to cope with a Bang.

Winclone utility allows you to clone Boot Camp partitions with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or 
10. When reinstalling, formatting, and other disastrous manipulations with Windows OC, the 
data can be easily and quickly saved as a compressed image, and then again just as easily and 
simply restored or moved to another Mac, along with all the drivers and software installed.

Declared features of the utility:

- clone Boot Camp to a separate macOS drive or partition;
- create an image file that can be re-deployed to the Boot Camp partition;
- fast image recovery, 10 GB of data cloning takes 10-15 minutes;
- create Boot Camp partition directly from the utility.

Xam itself describes this utility as follows: "this program can be Useful in a variety of cases. 
For example, system administrators can thus save a lot of time when installing Windows on a 
large Park of Macs. You can also save time when restoring systems on the same machines — 
unfortunately, Windows crashes with frightening regularity. In the same way, you can create 
Boot Camp backups, which you can always use to roll back to an earlier version, which, for 
example, has not yet been infected with a virus. The asset Winclone should include the 
ability to compress the archive, creating self-opening copies (convenient for remote 
management), high speed.»

- Fixed issue with booting after restoring an image of Windows 7 on some older Macs.