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MAC Download Hub. June 17, 2020

Microsoft Office 2019 (16.38)

Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter

Boxy SVG 3 v3.38.5

DEVONthink Pro Office/Server 3 v3.5.1

KCNcrew Pack 06-15-20

MacCleaner PRO

Mindjet MindManager 13 v13.0.181

PhotoMill X 1.6.3

Timer Utility 5 v1.01

WebStorm for Mac 2020.1.2 build (201.7846.79)

!!!!  Do not update these applications to avoid losing their functionality.

MAC Download Hub. June 17, 2020.torrent

Microsoft Office 2019 (16.38) Version : 16.38
Platform : Intel only
Interface language : Russian + English
Tablet : Volume License (see the spoiler "Installation Procedure")

System requirements : OS X 10.13 and later, 64-bit processor


Welcome to the new modern Office for Mac! Microsoft has released 

a new version of its office suite for Mac - Office 2019.

More details

Easily recognizable office

Familiar and convenient tools.
Use the updated ribbon, as well as your favorite cross-platform features and keyboard shortcuts,
 so that immediately after installation to begin full work with the new Office for Mac!

Designed for Mac

Comprehensively optimized for the devices you use.
The new Office Mac user interface is detailed and takes into account the latest Mac functionality, 
including the Retina display and full-screen support.

Cloud connection

Your documents are always at hand - in any conditions and on any devices.
Register with the new Office for Mac and easily access recently used documents from any device 
thanks to its full integration with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.


Create professionally designed documents, edit them and share them.
The updated Word for Mac app features high-precision editing, reviewing and sharing tools. 
A new tab "Layout" provides quick access to functions, and a new task area "Formatting an object"
 provides the ability to manage images, shapes and effects.


Use new ways to analyze and visualize data.
The updated Excel application for Mac is the latest interface and many features of Excel 2013 for Windows. 
You can also use the usual keyboard shortcuts, which will greatly simplify the work with this application on the Mac platform.


Give your ideas a visual form, work on them together, and effectively present them to others.
In the new PowerPoint for Mac, the principle of changing slides has been changed,
 the animation panel has been improved and the functionality for collaboration has been expanded
 (creating a chain of comments next to slides, the ability to visually compare different 
versions of a document and choose the correct option for saving with confidence).


Store ideas in your own digital notebook.
Wherever you are - at home, on the go or at work - with OneNote you can always take notes, share them and work together.


Stylish interface and increased performance of the new Outlook application.
The new Outlook supports online archives, synchronization of the list of categories, 
displaying weather on the calendar, applications for Office,
 as well as functions for matching several calendars and suggesting the right time.

Release Notes

Installation procedure

● Mount image

• Launch the Microsoft Office 16.38.pkg installer and follow the instructions.

• Attention! during installation there is a choice of components

• After installation, close all Microsoft Office applications (shut down completely)

• Launch Volume License.pkg and follow the instructions of the installer (a VL license will be 
installed) * Administrator rights will be required.

Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter Supported OS: macOS 10.4+
Interface language: English

System requirements:

Mac OS X v10.4(Tiger), 10.5(Leopard), 10.6(Snow Leopard), 10.7(Lion), 10.8(Mountain Lion), 
10.9(Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12(macOS Sierra), 
10.13(macOS High Sierra), 10.14(macOS Mojave) and 10.15(macOS Catalina);
PowerPC® G5 or Intel® processor;
512MB RAM or more;
50MB free hard disk space for installation;
Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher


Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter supports downloading movies, music videos, playlists, sports videos,
 lectures, and more from a free video sharing website such as Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and more than 100 video sharing sites.

In addition to downloading video in its original format, Allavsoft also provides the ability to download 
and convert the downloaded video to a popular video format with one click, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV,
 MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, ASF, RMVB, DV, TS , Apple ProRes, WebM, FLV, OGV, etc.

This ideal web video download application allows you to choose among all the video qualities available for download, 
for example, download ultra-high definition (4K) video, 3D video, HD 2k, HD 1080p, HD 720p,
 and also with a resolution of 480p, 360p and 240p.

This professional video download and conversion tool also helps you extract and download audio 
from online music videos or movies, and also convert to popular audio formats such as MP3, WMA, 
WAV, AAC, AAC, Apple Lossless M4A, AIFF, RA, FLAC , Ogg. AC and so forth

Installation Procedure:

Mount the image and see Help.txt why so ...
Next, choose to install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly

Boxy SVG 3 v3.38.5 release took place: 01/06/2020
Supported OS: MacOS 10.10+

Language: English

System requirements:

● macOS 10.10 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


The goal of the Boxy SVG project is to create an SVG editor for ordinary users,
 as well as for professional designers and developers.

Key Features:

• Clean and intuitive interface inspired by Inkscape, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.
• Support for on-canvas editing: object geometry, transformation, drawing and other properties.
• Ability to save the file in SVG and SVGZ formats, export to PNG, JPG, WebP, PDF and 
• Open integration of image libraries with thousands of free vector images.
• Integration with Google Fonts with hundreds of free fonts.
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts for more than 100 commands.
• Manual guides, smart guides and mesh.
• Path operations (union, intersection, subtraction, exclusion, closure, reverse, etc.)
• Arrangement operations (alignment, rotation, flip, order, group, etc.)

For Web Developers:

• Chromium-based rendering engine
• SVG and CSS code inspector is the same as on Chrome Dev Tools
• Clear SVG output, preserves IDs, classes, headers and other metadata
• Support for editing SVG sprites


- Can't open some SVG files that rely on reusable graphics (reported by Jonas)
- Export panel misbehaves when custom area size is used (reported by Tom, Michael)
- Misaligned text chars when exporting to SVG, SVGZ, HTML and PDF with "Convert texts to paths" option turned on (reported by Gene)

Installation Procedure:

Mount the image and drag the application icon into the Programs folder

DEVONthink Pro Office/Server 3 v3.5.1 Supported OS: macOS 10.11+

Interface language: English

System requirements:

● macOS 10.11 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


Devonthink Pro Office - software for storing, organizing and searching electronic documents.
 In some ways, Devonthink Pro Office can be called your second brain, which stores all digital files,
 whether it be PDF files, emails, Word documents, or even multimedia. Devonthink is extremely flexible 
and customizable to your needs. And if the files are not digital, digitize them using Devonthink Pro Office.

Use it as a repository of your documents, file cabinet, mail archive, or as a project organizer -
 Devonthink can do all this. You can even collect and organize data from web pages for personal use, 
enrich them with audio and video files from your hard drive, and then export the finished product as a website; 
or copy content to your iPod! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Excellent support for the Cyrillic alphabet: both when searching, and when entering and 
System for the automatic classification and grouping of notes (by predefined keywords);
the ability to create triggers for events or the appearance of articles with a given set of 
"Plug-in" architecture and support for your own widgets;
Built-in download manager;
Creating templates to be added to the document database (for example, you can make your 
own form in which to fill in the fields in accordance with the structure of your information / 
document / event);
Possibilities of synchronization, data archiving;
Annotations to the attached PDF-documents;
Support for feeds in RSS / RDF / Atom formats;
Support for direct connection of TWAIN devices;
Possibility of background OCR recognition of text added to the database (in the form of pdf / 
The ability to display some lists (groups) of records / files in the form of property tables for 
the sets of these objects;
Customizable auto backup of your own base;
IPhone support;
Support for accessing the web from the organizer
Support for external search API to the database.

Installation Procedure:

1. Mount the image and drag the application icon into the Programs folder.
KCNcrew Pack 06-15-20 The release took place: 06/15/2020
Supported OS: macOS 10.6+

Interface language: English

System requirements:

● macOS 10.6 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


KCNcrew Pack is a huge collection of serial numbers for software for Mac OS X with a convenient shell 
for viewing and searching. There is a very long time and is updated every month!

- KCN framework, replaced with a static library
- Any Application Enhancer ability
- The Bad Ape menu (TAPF)
- eSell Hijack menu (TAPF)

Installation Procedure:

1. Mount image
2. Double click on
MacCleaner PRO

Version : 1.8.0
Platform : Intel only
Language : English

System requirements : OS X 10.10 and later, 64-bit processor


Clean your Mac and optimize its performance. Speed ​​up a slow Mac, free up disk space, 
delete unnecessary files, and prevent the “Startup Disk Full” error.

Why do I need a MacCleaner Pro?

Your Mac should periodically clean up unwanted files if you want it to work as fast as a new 
one. MacCleaner Pro provides a set of cleaning applications for this, which we call "must 
haves" for every self-respecting Mac owner.

How to use MacCleaner Pro?

Using MacCleaner Pro is as easy as ABC. Just run the application and you will see a list of all 
the tools with a detailed description of what each application can do for you. Open each 
application and follow the simple steps to start the cleaning process. Whenever you have 
any questions, just go to the support page or directly contact support. We are always happy 
to help you.

What are the benefits of MacCleaner Pro?

The best thing about MacCleaner Pro is that it comes with all the necessary tools to safely 
and thoroughly clean your hard drive. You must use them to keep your Mac up to date and 
extend its life.

My Mac is slow. Can MacCleaner Pro help me?

Despite freeing up disk space, MacCleaner Pro also thinks about your RAM. It can run in the 
background and control memory usage by applications. When your Mac memory is full, it 
will clear inactive RAM and make your Mac fast


01 . Open * click with the mouse * on the file you downloaded with the extension - .dmg

- After checking the file with the system, the image will open

02 . Holding the Ctrl button, we open the gate icon * Open Gatekeeper friendly *

- The terminal window will open

03 . Press ENTER and wait for the process to complete

- The image with the application opens

04 . Drag the application to the folder -> Application

We are using it!

The application does not update!

Official updates may result in loss of activation.
Mindjet MindManager 13 v13.0.181 Supported OS: macOS 10.13+

Interface language: English, German, French, etc.

Treatment:  ready-made serial

System requirements:

● macOS® 10.13 (High Sierra) to 10.15 (Catalina)
● 250 MB available disk space
● 1024 x 768 or greater display resolution
● Broadband Internet Connection


Mindjet is a developer of software applications that save time and increase productivity, 
providing business professionals with an easy and yet powerful way to manage complex 
information and ideas. Mindjet products help develop corporate business processes, start 
new projects and maintain collaboration; effective for both individual users and 
development teams.

MindManager - software for managing memory cards - the so-called "mental cards" or 
"business cards" for use in enterprises. "Mental maps" is a diagram built around a key (main) 
word (the name of a concept, project, topic ...), around which 5-10 main topics related to it 
are written. In turn, each of these affiliated words is surrounded by 5-10 clarifying ideas, etc. 
MindManager helps to develop corporate business processes, start new projects and 
maintain cooperation; It is effective for both individual users and development teams.

MindManager has an intuitive interface, easy to install and use.

MindManager is fully compatible with Microsoft Office applications. Map contents can be 
exported to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project. And also the contents of maps 
can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.

Installation Procedure:

• Mount the image, drag the application icon into the "Programs" folder.
• Block outgoing network connections for the application using any available means.
• Use the serial number from the distribution to register the program.

PhotoMill X 1.6.3

release took place: 01/06/2020
Supported OS: MacOS 10.12.2+

Language: English

System requirements:

● macOS 10.12.2 or higher
● Intel 64-bit CPU


PhotoMill X - group processing of photos

PhotoMill X (aka Reformator) helps you convert most of the images to the most popular 
image formats, give your files meaningful names, make a watermark with text and image, 
change the color of the photo (brightness / saturation / etc.) etc.)., change the geometry 
parameters (scale / crop / etc.).

Delete private metadata, add your own copyright, etc. In addition, Reformator is a great tool 
to view your photos with the current photo Browser, QuickLook preview, image information. 
Plus, you have the opportunity to search for photos using the built-in search tool with a 
maximum of 30 criteria, group your photos by shooting date, image format, etc.

Photo browser

• The application has a bunch of features for convenient viewing and searching for multi-
criteria photos in the Browser. The Browser has 3 groups: Image Information - shows 
detailed information about the selected photo; Groups - divide photos into groups / 
subgroups based on selected criteria, for example, shooting dates; Search - gives you the 
opportunity to search for photos by various criteria.


• Converting to: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, TIFF
• Color space: RGB, Gray, CMYK
• Color depth: 8/16/32 bits; with or without alpha


• The Reformator can give clear names for the converted photos.
in the “pro” way - using text and tags: index, shooting date, original name, image width, etc. 
In addition, you can rename photos while copying to another folder without any conversion.


• Resize an image: zoom, crop, add frame, rotate, etc.


• Text - you can use photo information about metadata - signs: shooting date, keywords, 
camera manufacturer, etc., as well as the entered text. The font size can either be fixed or 
placed relative to the image width, height, long or short edge and other features.

• Image - the image size can be either fixed or relative to the main image size.
• Rectangle - background for text; square or rounded.

Adjust the colors

• Available filters: auto contrast, auto white balance, gamma, contrast, exposure, accuracy, 
grayscale, sepia, colorize, temperature, HSL channels (Hue / Saturation / Lightness), HSV 
channels, RGB channels, curves.


• You can set / update the capture dates for your photos using the steps: assign a capture 
date, change capture date, create a file to capture the date. Plus, you can remove private 
tags (GPS tags, camera owner, keywords, etc.), set your own copyrights, add keywords and 
set IPTC rating.

- Copy/Paste GPS location into photos.
- Improved color profile management.

Installation Procedure:

Mount the image and see Help.txt why so ...
Next, choose to install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly

Timer Utility 5 v1.01

The release took place: 06/16/2020

Supported OS: macOS 10.13+

Interface language: English

System requirements:

• OS X 10.13 or later
• Intel, 64-bit processor


Timer Utility 5 is a universal synchronization tool, with it you can separately set an alarm, 
timer or stopwatch on your Mac.

Key features:


Set the time, select which day or days of the week. Create as many signals as you want.


Creating timers is easy and intuitive. You can create and link multiple time periods to create 
workflows or custom time sequences.


Creating high-precision stopwatch is quick and easy. Choose your desired precision or 
precision setting to suit your needs. You can create multiple simultaneous stopwatch 
without sacrificing performance or system resources.

Installation Procedure:

Mount the image and see Help.txt why so ...
Next, choose to install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly
WebStorm for Mac 2020.1.2 build (201.7846.79) The release took place: 06/04/2020
Supported OS: macOS 10.13 and higher

Interface language: English

Treatment: infinite trial version

System requirements:

macOS High Sierra 10.13 and higher
RAM 2 GB (8 GB recommended)
2.5 GB of free hard disk space (SSD recommended)
Minimum screen resolution 1024x768


WebStorm - Lightweight but powerful IDE, well-equipped for integrated development on the 
client side and on the server side of the development with Node.js. WebStorm helps you 
write code better thanks to smart code completion, on-the-fly error detection, powerful 
navigation and refactoring. Support for the latest IDE technologies provides first-class 
support for JavaScript, Node.js, HTML and CSS, as well as their modern successors. It 
supports development using technologies such as Angular, React, Vue, and others.

Features of the program:

WebStorm provides automatic completion of styles, links, attributes and other elements of 
the code, using the capabilities of HTML / XHTML and XML code.
The code of classes, HTML numbers, keywords, etc., is completed when working with CSS.

The solution allows you to use the power of the Zen coding tool for HTML-layout, displays 
the actions of the tag on a web page.
WebStorm completes JavaScript code for keywords, labels, variables, parameters and DOM 
functions and supports the specific features of popular browsers.
JavaScript refactoring functions implemented in the solution allow transforming the 
structure of code and files and .js.
WebStorm provides JavaScript code debugging and provides a wide range of features: 
finding a breakpoint in HTML and JavaScript, setting breakpoint parameters, real-time code 
syntax testing, etc.
Support for JQuery, YUI, Prototype, DoJo, MooTools, Qooxdoo and Bindows platforms.

Integrated text checking for tags, code sequence, spelling errors, etc.
Editing files and automatically synchronizing them on demand during remote work or 
The function of version control and preliminary versions of the code captures all the actions 
and changes made.
By creating a story in WebStorm, you can recover code expressions, blocks, and even entire 
JavaScript Library Organizer - Structuring custom projects involving a large number of 
Improved scroll bar and notification rendering, spell checking in all editors, etc.
Support for Mercurial - version control system.
Relax NG language support for XML - completion and validation of XML documents 
associated with Relax NG schemas
Integration with GitHub, a service for developing open source programs

Installation Procedure:

Mount the WebStorm * .dmg image and drag the file into the Applications folder.
Launch WebStorm and select "Evaluate for free" in the licensing window.


Treatment procedure:

As soon as the program starts cursing about the end of the trial mode, perform the following steps:

-Close all JetBrains programs
-Use the file through the terminal (a preliminary change in access rights may be required).
 Be sure to run this file through sudo!
-After the script is finished, run the program and select "Evaluate for free" again.