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MAC Download Hub. August 14 2021

MAC  Download  Hub. August 14 2021



Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac VL 16.52

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 7.4.2

MacCleaner 2 PRO 2.6

Luminar AI 1.4.1

Native Instruments - Kontakt 6 v6.6.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3, AUi x64 UPDATE ONLY FiXED [iNTEL+M1]

Movavi Video Suite 2021 v21.4.0

Oversampled - Pancz Multiband Transient Shaper 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AU [iNTEL]

Sketch 75 

Wondershare Filmora X

4K VideoDownloader  4.17.1

• Do not update the program!







Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac VL 16.52

Year of issue : 2021

Version  16.52 (Build 21080801)

Architecture : ARM, x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : Russian + English

Activation : VL corporate license

System requirements : OS X 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor

Description : 

Welcome to the new, modern Office for Mac! Microsoft has released a new version of its office suite for Mac - Office 2019.

Get started quickly with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive that combine familiar Office features with the unique capabilities of Mac computers.

Quickly find the features you want and easily create documents with built-in automated tools for customizing the appearance and searching for help information.

Easily recognizable Office

Familiar and convenient tools.
Use the updated Ribbon and your favorite cross-platform features and keyboard shortcuts to get up and running with the new Office for Mac right out of the box!

Designed for Mac

Comprehensively optimized for the devices you use.
The new Office for Mac user interface is detailed and includes the latest Mac functionality, including Retina display and full-screen support.

Cloud connectivity

Your documents are always at hand - in any conditions and on any devices.
Sign up for the new Office for Mac and easily access your recently used documents from any device thanks to full integration with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.


Create professional-looking documents, edit and share them.
The redesigned Word for Mac comes with high-precision editing, reviewing, and sharing tools. The new Layout tab provides quick access to functions, and the new Object Formatting task pane provides control over images, shapes, and effects.


Explore new ways to analyze and visualize your data.
The redesigned Excel for Mac provides the latest interface and many features in Excel 2013 for Windows. You can also use familiar keyboard shortcuts, making it much easier to use this application on the Mac platform.


Give your ideas a visual form, collaborate on them, and effectively present them to others.
In the new PowerPoint for Mac, the slide transition has changed, the animation panel has been improved, and the collaboration functionality has been enhanced (creating a chain of comments next to slides, the ability to visually compare different versions of a document and be confident in choosing the correct option to save).


Store ideas in your own digital notebook.
Wherever you are - at home, on the road, or at work - with OneNote you can always take the notes you want, share and work together.


Stylish interface and faster performance of the new Outlook application.
The new Outlook supports online archives, category list sync, calendar weather, Office applications, and the ability to match multiple calendars and suggest the right time.


● Mount the image
● Unpack the distribution kit Microsoft Office 2019 VL Serializer.pkg
● Unpack the distribution kit Microsoft_Office_16.52.21080801_Installer.pkg, follow the prompts
● During the installation process, click on "Configure", a window opens where you can select the required applications to install

● Official license, we give access to the network, login to your account if you wish. Applications can be updated.

● We are using.




App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 7.4.2

Version : 7.4.2

Architecture : ARM, x86 (64-bit)

Tablet : The program has been cured 

System requirements : OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

Description : 

Use App Cleaner & Uninstaller to remove applications from Mac or remove only unnecessary service files and even leftovers - damaged files from previously deleted applications.

App Cleaner lets you manage extensions and disable all unwanted Mac launchers with the click of a button.

Delete all service files and be sure that nothing extra is taking up space on your disk. Run the application and it will automatically do all the work of finding service files for you.

Key Value - Accelerating Mac by:

deleting application files that take up system resources.
removal of remnants of applications that were previously uninstalled in the usual way.
managing all types of service files (caches, logs, settings, etc.)

Key advantage: App Cleaner removes Remains (or app leftovers) - files that remain in the trash after being deleted in the standard way. Thus, with App Cleaner, you can uninstall apps completely.



Key Features:

Full system scan and preview of installed applications
Removing all types of service files
Removing remnants of previously removed applications
Resetting applications to the first launch state
Simple shortcuts
Quick view of any file or application
View file formats associated with an application
In-app hints
Show unused apps
List of required exclusions from search

How to uninstall apps with App Cleaner:

Run App Cleaner
Start scanning all applications and service files.
Select unnecessary applications (left column).
Select all service files in the right column.
Click the Delete button.

If some applications have not been removed due to access rights, follow the quick link in Finder and move them to the Trash in the usual way *.

* Some applications cannot be uninstalled because they require administrator rights. In this case, switch to Finder using the quick link and delete the file as usual.

• Open * click with the mouse * the file you downloaded with the extension - .dmg
- After checking the file by the system, the image will open
• Holding down the Ctrl button, open the icon with the gate * Open Gatekeeper friendly *
- The terminal window will open
• Press the ENTER key and wait for the process to complete
- An image with an application will open
• Drag the application to the folder -> Application
Let's use it!

Do not update the application!
Official updates may result in loss of activation.




MacCleaner 2 PRO 2.6

Year of release : 2021
Version : 2.6

Architecture : x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : English
Tablet : The program has been treated 

System requirements : macOS 10.11 or newer

Description : 

Clean up your Mac and optimize its performance. Speed ​​up a slow Mac, free up disk space, delete unnecessary files, prevent "Startup Disk Full" error.

Why do you need MacCleaner 2 Pro?
Your Mac needs to periodically clean up unwanted files if you want it to run as fast as new. MacCleaner Pro provides a set of cleaning applications for this, which we call “must haves” for every self-respecting Mac owner.

How to use MacCleaner 2 Pro?
Using MacCleaner Pro is as easy as ABC. Just launch the application and you will see a list of all the tools with detailed descriptions of what each application can do for you. Open each app and follow the simple steps to start the cleaning process. Whenever you have any questions, just visit the support page or contact support directly. We are always happy to help you.

What are the benefits of MacCleaner 2 Pro?
The best thing about MacCleaner Pro is that it comes with all the tools you need to clean your hard drive safely and deeply. You must use them to keep your Mac up and running and thus extend its life.

My Mac is slow. Can MacCleaner Pro help me?
Despite freeing up disk space, MacCleaner Pro also thinks about your RAM. It can run in the background and monitor the memory usage of applications. When your Mac memory is full, it will clear the inactive RAM and make your Mac fast

Mount image.
Drag the folder with applications to the Applications folder
Do not update the application!




Luminar AI 1.4.1

Year of release : 2021
Version : 1.4.1 (9694)

Architecture : ARM, x86 (64-bit)
Interface language : Russian + English
Activation : Not required 

System requirements : macOS 10.13.6 or newer


Luminar AI is the first fully AI-powered image editor. By focusing on results and making photo editing easy, affordable and powerful, Luminar AI is completely re-inventing the traditional editing process. Discover useful one-click templates created by professional retouchers and photographers, an intuitive interface, and impressive AI-powered tools.

Spend less time editing and achieve outstanding results. Because in Luminar AI, “powerful” does not mean “complex”.

Focus on your story

With Luminar AI, all you need to know is WHAT you want to do. You can leave AS to AI technology. Forget about learning complicated routine tools. Luminar AI is a result, not a process. It automates the most common editing tasks and simplifies complex workflows so you have more time to tell engaging stories with your photos.

Portraits that touch the soul

Enhance the natural beauty of your portraits with revolutionary tools - no masking required. Iris AI allows you to change eye color with one click. Choose natural colors or something creatively whimsical for eyes that look straight into your soul. AI Body shapes bodies to perfection, adding or reducing weight where needed. FaceAI brightens and smoothes faces, removes dark circles and red eyes, brightens lip color, enhances eyebrows and more.

Replace the sky

A dull or flat sky can ruin a perfectly good photo. Replace the sky with one click, no masks or layers. Sky AI will take care of even the smallest details to make your new sky look realistic and stunning. Choose from the extensive built-in collection of heavens or upload your own.

Realistic 3D weather effects

Create a magical mood by adding realistic atmospheric effects - fog, fog, haze, steam, drizzle - with Atmosphere AI. Thanks to the world's first technology of its kind that uses 3D depth of field, your weather effects will look like they always have, without layers or masks!

Smart template suggestions

Luminar AI provides you with content-aware template suggestions to give your photos a fresh mood. Choose from dozens of collections of templates for any genre of photography to fulfill your artistic vision.

Improve your image instantly

Make dozens of important settings with a single slide. Enhance your photography in seconds with Accent AI for lifelike, natural results for photos worth sharing.

You are always under control

Luminar AI is packed with incredible next generation technology, giving you more options than any traditional editor. This is how Luminar AI allows you to realize your creative vision as quickly as possible by taking care of boring and routine work. But you can edit and customize every step, always leaving the final say in the images you create.


* Working with raw images (support for 1000+ cameras)

* Import and export of all standard formats including PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PSD and PDF.

* Share in 500px, Mail, Messages and SmugMug

* Adjust exposure, clarity, contrast, highlights and shadows

* Save and modify your own templates

* Erase unnecessary objects

* Enjoy over 100 powerful tools and functions for creative and professional editing and creating vibrant photos.

What's new

10 Aug 2021 - Version 1.4.1

Luminar AI Update 4.1: We've caught some bugs!

Thanks to your input, we've made Luminar AI even better. We've caught and fixed 2 major bugs on macOS that could lead to crashes or unexpected results.

Now, you can:

Smoothly use the Gradient instrument in the Local Masking tool

Preview Skies, Sky Objects, and Textures on macOS High Sierra

Enjoy creating special images without a hitch and stay tuned for future updates. You can find out more about Update 4 on the Skylum blog.


• Open * click with the mouse * the file you downloaded with the extension - .dmg
- After checking the file by the system, the image will open
• Holding down the Ctrl button, open the icon with the gate * Open Gatekeeper friendly *
- The terminal window will open
• Press the ENTER key and wait for the process to complete
- An image with an application will open
• Drag the application to the folder -> Application
Let's use it!




Native Instruments - Kontakt 6 v6.6.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3, AUi x64 UPDATE ONLY FiXED [iNTEL+M1]

Release year : 07/06/2021
Version : 6.6.0

Platform : iNTEL + M1
Bit depth : 64bit

Interface language : English
Tablet : cured (install and run) 

System requirements : [iNTEL] + [M1]
Mac: OS 10.13 Hugh Sierra +
Plugin Formats: AUi | VSTi | VST3i | STANDALONE
Previous installed version of KONTAKT


Kontakt is the standard in the world of samplers. Native Instruments Kontakt 6 provides a range of high quality filters ranging from classic analog circuits and variable state models to modern formatted filters. Some of the 37 new filters use the new Adaptive Resonance concept, which automatically controls filter characteristics to prevent unpleasant audio artifacts from excessive resonance peaks. The fifth version of the sampler also adds TimeMachine Pro time scratching, which provides better sound quality for harmony solo instruments.

The effects section in Native Instruments Kontakt 6 has been expanded with several key additions that focus on studio-style audio processing. New algorithms Solid G-EQ and Solid Bus Comp, borrowed from the Solid Mix Series, allow for alignment and compression, and the optional Transient Designer has been integrated into the Kontakt effects section in its original form. In addition, the new analog Tape Saturator can add natural compression and subtle organic overdrive, and vintage sampling modes taken from the Native Instruments Maschine groove machine have been integrated into the Native Instruments Kontakt 6 feature set.

For sound designers and professional samplers, Native Instruments Kontakt 6 offers a new instrument bus system and MIDI file support based on KSP. 16 internal stereo buses with their individual on-board slots provide increased routing flexibility, the Kontakt Script Processor's MIDI file function allows you to create advanced instrument-based instrument types with versatile integrated MIDI playback functionality.

New in version
6.6.0 - 2021-07-06

VST3 Target, User content base path, flexible EVENT_PAR routing.

ADDED Kontakt now also provides a VST3 target

REMOVED 32bit VST2 target is no longer provided

CHANGED The Options Load/Import tab is updated and renamed to Loading

ADDED It is now possible to set a user library path in the Kontakt options Loading Tab

ADDED KSP New KSP command redirect_output()

IMPROVED KSP It is now possible to refresh the ui_file_selector

ADDED KSP Scripts can now send modulation events to the new From Script modulator

ADDED KSP It is now possible to attach the ui_meter to gain reduction meters

ADDED KSP Level meter ranges and orientation can now be set with $CONTROL_PAR_RANGE_MIN and $CONTROL_PAR_RANGE_MAX

ADDED New factory script Arpeggiator (sync) based on the listener callback for solid host sync timing

ADDED The about screen now displays the Kontakt target

FIXED When modulating amp release, the release velocity was delayed by one note

FIXED Kontakt could crash on Windows if the system user documents folder was on a USB or network drive

FIXED Kontakt could crash when re-ordering NKIs in a bank

FIXED In some cases external modulator names were missing in instruments created with Kontakt 4 or earlier

FIXED Wavetable Inharmonic knob is now correctly displayed as a bipolar value

FIXED Collection of minor cosmetic GUI fixes




Movavi Video Suite 2021 v21.4.0

Version: 21.4.0 
Year: 2021
Architecture: x86 (64-bit) | Interface language: Russian + English

System requirements: macOS 10.10 or newer


The Video Suite is a unique video creation software that combines all the essential features of the best Movavi software with several exclusive features.

Everything for video editing on macOS: creating videos, converting files, recording screen and much more. A handy tool for telecommuting and learning.

The ultimate Movavi video editing software for Mac

• Video editor
Use our multifunctional video editor to create slideshows and video editing on Mac. Explore a wide range of special effects, filters and editing tools. Making a movie or a music video on your computer is as easy as shelling pears!

• Create your own video blog

We want to keep running your own video blog and making clips as easy and accessible as possible. You don't have to wonder where to edit video on Mac, because Movavi Video Suite brings all the tools you need into one intuitive video editing application.

Create screensavers, crop videos, use chroma key, add transitions and effects, make screen recordings and much more. Vlogs, tutorials, reviews ... whatever direction you choose, Video Suite will be the perfect assistant for you for video editing on mac OS.

• Digitize family photos and videos.
Keep your memories alive. Find your VHS tapes and printed photos and turn them into updated videos and colorful slideshows.

Edit beautiful videos for your wedding or birthday. Create a family multimedia library, convert your tangible memories to digital!

• Learn and teach in a new way

Movavi Video Suite is a versatile video editing software for Mac that's designed to be an essential part of any educational endeavor. Create sleek video presentations with stylish transitions and stickers.

Use a screen recorder to create good tutorial videos. Convert and compress dozens of media files at the same time. Keep up with the times!


:: Installation
Mount the image and run Open Gatekeeper friendly.
Press the Enter key and wait for the process to complete.
Run the installer and follow the standard installation procedure.




Oversampled - Pancz Multiband Transient Shaper 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AU [iNTEL]

Year of release : 2021
Version : 1.0.0

Platform : Intel only
Interface language : English
Tablet : cured (put and work) 

System requirements : macOS 10.11+
VST, VST3 or AU compatible DAW

Description : 

Multiband transient shaper.
Pancz is an audio plugin equipped with a powerful multiband transient shaper, clipping tool, accurate waveform analyzer and additional tone manipulation effects. It uses sophisticated audio processing to directly control the shape of the sound. With an easy-to-use waveform window and cut-off lines, you can visually manipulate the sound, making it look and sound just the way you want it. Additional sets of controls bring your sounds to life, making them polished and professional.

Pancz is equipped with a carefully selected combination of instruments: multiband transient shaper, soft clipper / limiter, waveform analyzer and additional tone manipulation effects. All the elements work great together, giving you control that you never had.

Pancz can create punchy transients, making your sounds stronger and pushing the mix easier. It also works the other way around. It can make loud and annoying transients less audible and more controllable.




Sketch 75 

Year of release : August 10, 2021.
Version : 75

Platform : Intel, M1.

Tablet : Not required 
Interface language : English.

System requirements :
• OS X 10.15.0 or later (Big Sur included) .
• Any 64-bit Intel ® Mac.
• Mac on Apple M1 chip

Description : 

Sketch from Bohemian Coding is one of the best professional vector editors for Mac OS! Powerful, simple, fast, flexible interface design editor.

Sketch has all the necessary tools for anyone, even the most demanding designer. Slices, text styles, rulers, guides, and grids are just a few of them. Sketch can read from (.sketch, .drawit, .svg), import (.pdf, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .png, .gif, etc.), and export in the following kinds of formats (.pdf , .svg, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .png)

What's New

Version 75 - 10 AUGUST, 2021:

Documents window improvements
• We’ve introduced a new Workspace switcher at the top of the sidebar in the Documents window. You can switch between Workspaces you’re a member or guest of, and only see that Workspace’s documents and projects.

What’s improved

• You can now quickly access the new Document Settings window with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ ⇧ ,

• You can now lock or unlock the ratio of Slice layers from the Inspector.

• You can now easily share a link to your prototype right from the Mac app for documents that live in your Workspace.

What’s changed

• Hiding Hotspot and Slice Layers from your designs is only possible via the View menu now. You can no longer do this using the Layer List toggles.

• Fixes a crash that could occur when inserting Symbols containing programatically edited Text Styles which were missing certain properties.

• Fixes a bug where a text layer could sometimes cause an Artboard’s background color to appear across more of the Canvas.

• Fixes a security vulnerability related to external library feeds.

• Fixes a bug that stopped Library updates from appearing as a notification in your document if you had previously undone a sync to apply those updates.

• Fixes a bug where changing the Symbol Source contents would not refresh the Instance’s overrides Inspector in some cases.

• Fixes a bug that stopped nested Symbol Instances that used Overrides with Shared Styles from updating on the Canvas if you made edits to the Shared Style that they used.

• Fixes a bug that caused values for shadows to change unexpectedly if you reordered them in the Inspector.

• The File > Add as Library item will now only be enabled if you have saved your document first, whether that’s in your Workspace or locally.

• Fixes a bug that stopped the color picker from working correctly if you had hidden the Inspector.

• Fixes a bug that meant icons in the Layer List were difficult to see or invisible if you used Dark Mode with the Graphite macOS accent color.
• Fixes a bug that stopped the Inspector from updating to accurately reflect the correct values as you drew polygons or stars.

• Fixes a bug where an inner shadow with spread could render inaccurately for paths with small details, such as text.

• We’ve improved performance and responsiveness of documents that contain layers with large shadows.

• Fixes a bug that caused fills for layers with rounded corners to be visible beyond the edge of an inner shadow.

• Fixes a bug that cleared any fill previews and field values when you disabled fills or styles in the Inspector.

• Fixes a bug that caused the File > Sync Library Components… process to run slowly. So long slowness, serious speedy syncing is here!

• Fixes a bug where the default Artboard presets had the wrong screen size listed for the iPhone SE.

• Fixes a bug where guides you added to the Canvas would not appear if you had hidden rulers in another open document.

• Fixes a bug where layers with Tints would appear lighter than expected if you exported them in SVG format.

• Fixes a bug that stopped blending modes from having any effect when you applied them to shadows on Text layers.

• Full Release Notes are available here

Installation method
• Mount the image and familiarize yourself with Help.txt why this is so ...
• Then you can choose, install as usual or using Open Gatekeeper friendly
• Do not block the program from accessing the Internet.
• Do not update the program!




Wondershare Filmora X

Year of issue : 2021
Version :

Architecture : х86 (64-bit)
Interface language : Russian + English

System Requirements :

• OS X 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor.
• Processor: Intel i5 or better, 2 GHz +. (Intel 6th generation or newer recommended.)
• Memory: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB required for HD and 4K video);
• GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. 2 GB vRAM (4 GB required for HD and 4K video).
• Disk: at least 10 GB of free hard disk space (SSD recommended).


Description : 

Use Filmora video editor to express your creativity and surprise everyone with great results. Now you can create beautiful animations, add your favorite music to create the perfect atmosphere, add text, transform videos using filters, and more.

Features of the program:

Supports all SD and HD videos, including WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, MTS, etc. You can also capture video directly from a video capture device or add video from camcorders and other external hard drives directly.

Add background music to your video. All standard audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, etc. are supported.

Import photos as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc., and create home movies with photos and videos.

Editing and personalizing video / photo / audio with video editing: crop, rotate, set fade in and out, adjust duration, etc.

Add stylish captions to videos and photos with customizable fonts, colors, and more.

Take your movie to the next level right away with professional and creative effects. 30 filters + ready to work with video and photos.

Add transition effects between two clips and apply motion effects to photos for a natural and smooth transition.

Get optimized videos for playback on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, PSP, iPod, Wii, Zune, etc.

Save the edited video to your local hard drive for later use in various video formats.

Directly upload the video to YouTube, creating a joint with a lot of people by filling in the required information.

Burn videos to DVD discs or save as DVD folders or ISO image files.

• Open * click with the mouse * the file you downloaded with the extension - .dmg
- After checking the file by the system, the image will open
• Holding down the Ctrl button, open the icon with the gate * Open Gatekeeper friendly *
- The terminal window will open
• Press the ENTER key and wait for the process to complete
- An image with an application will open
• Drag the application to the folder -> Application
Let's use it!




4K Video Downloader 4.17.1

Year: 2021
Version: 4.17.1

Architecture: х86 (64-bit)
Interface language: Russian + English

System requirements : macOS 10.13 and newer

Description : 

Video hosting has made video viewing convenient and ubiquitous, but there are also obvious disadvantages. Now the video is in place, and in an hour it will be deleted. Your friend from Europe can watch the recording, but it is not available for Russia. Today you have the Internet, and tomorrow you are planning a trip off the beaten path without even the slightest hint of 3G. In general, the ability to save locally necessary videos is useful, and to simplify the procedure, it is reasonable to resort to the help of a specialized utility.

4K Video Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos, audio and subtitles in high quality to your computer. If you want to download videos to iPad, iPhone and other devices, then this application is your choice! Downloading is simple and enjoyable, just copy the link from your browser and click "Paste Url". Enjoy your videos anywhere, anytime, offline!


Download entire playlists and channels from YouTube and save them to MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3G, create .m3u files for playlists.

Download videos in HD 1080p, HD 720p or 4K quality and enjoy high definition on your HD TV, iPad and other devices.

Advanced options for downloading subtitles, choose which you prefer: have a separate .srt file or embed subtitles in a video file for viewing on your Mac, for example.

Activate “Smart Mode” to apply the selected settings to all downloads quickly and easily.

Download video in 3D format, you will find a small 3d icon among other formats after link analysis. It's really impressive to watch shows and cartoons in 3D.

Download embedded YouTube videos from any web pages, just copy and paste the page address, the program will find the download source itself.

Download videos and audios from popular sites like Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook and DailyMotion.

How to download videos from popular video hosting sites on Mac: 4K Video Downloader

As you might guess from the name, Video Downloader works with videos of any quality up to 4K. At the same time, to get the coveted video on your Mac, you just need to have a link to the video or playlist in the clipboard, then open 4K Video Downloader and click Paste Url.

The program will immediately "swallow" the link, after which it will offer to specify the parameters for the uploaded videos.

we take out the whole video, or just the sound;

the format in which you want to save the video (3D videos are also supported and saved correctly);

the quality of the original video that will be pulled from the video hosting;

whether to include subtitles in the video, and if so, in what language and in what format (separate file or embedded).

After that, it remains to specify the path to save and click the Download button.

• Open * click with the mouse * the file you downloaded with the extension - .dmg
- After checking the file by the system, the image will open
• Holding down the Ctrl button, open the icon with the gate * Open Gatekeeper friendly *
- The terminal window will open
• Press the ENTER key and wait for the process to complete
- An image with an application will open
• Drag the application to the folder -> Application
Let's use it!