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MAC OS latest UTILITIES. November 24, 2018



CleanMyMac X 4.1.0

Cookie 5 v5.9.3

Mach Desktop 3 v3.0.3

Mountain Duck 2.6.5

Murus Pro Suite 1.4.19 (include Vallum 3.0.3)

Roxio Toast Titanium 17 v17.2

Script Debugger 7.0.4

SoftRAID 5.7.2

VMware Fusion Pro 11.0.1

Viscosity 1.7.12

      1,77  Gb


CleanMyMac X 4.1.0


Interface language: Russian, English and others
Treatment: not required
System requirements:
Mac OS x 10.10 or higher,
64-bit processor 


The program has everything you knew about Mac care, but X times better!

CleanMyMac scans every corner of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in two clicks and 
helps you keep your Mac in good condition. CleanMyMac has a beautiful interface that will 
not leave anyone indifferent. Everything is made in the standard form of Mac OS: beautiful, 
convenient and affordable. Cleaning, protection and speed are the basis of the new version. 
Thus, CleanMyMac becomes a comprehensive solution not only for cleaning and 
maintenance, but also for such an important task as protecting your Mac from the threats of 
the modern world.


Now the Updater lets you update several apps or even all of them at once

Selecting apps for resetting or uninstallation has become easier in the Uninstaller


Manage your Steam games easily with CleanMyMac’s Uninstaller


CleanMyMac X Menu being blank under certain conditions

Installation procedure:

1. Double-click the DMG file
2. Read the Readme.txt
3. Select Manual Install for normal installation (by dragging the application icon to the 
Applications folder) or using Open Gatekeeper friendly

Cookie 5 v5.9.3

Interface language: English, German, French, etc.

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.11 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Cookie - Program for fully deleting cookies, clearing cache and history of visited web pages in 
web browsers. Cookie will help to keep the security and privacy of the user on the network.

* Safely delete unwanted data, and rest easy knowing that external threats cannot recover 
personal data.
* Tired of targeted ads that mysteriously know what purchases you were making online? 
Eliminate them with Cookie.
* Freedom from Flash, and Silverlight. Cookie has extensive experience in eliminating Flash 
and Silverlight cookies.
* Impressive results with minimal effort. By combining all the controls into a simple 
interface, Cookies help to keep your privacy.

- Fixed an issue with removal of Chrome based browser databases
- Localization corrections
- Small ui fixes

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and familiarize yourself with the Readme.txt why exactly …
Further to the selection, installation as you normally would or by using the Open Gatekeeper 


Mach Desktop 3 v3.0.3

Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.9 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


If you are bored with a static picture on the desktop, Mach Desktop will help to dress up the 
desktop with the help of built-in video, QuickTime-clips and Even web pages. Mach Desktop 
offers twenty different videoshpalery seven Quartz Compositions and QuickTime movies to 
your desktop. Many settings allow you to set a preset screensaver, QuickTime video and even 
A web page as a background. In addition, Mach Desktop has a Desktop Widget feature to 
enable any widget. The application uses dashboard emulation and displays some active 
widgets on the desktop, for example, yellow pages, calculator, notes, translator, share rate 
and others. An interesting feature of Mach Desktop: the utility automatically detects the 
system configuration and uses all available monitors. The application is somewhat more 
demanding on resources than a normal background image. Although, if you have not quite 
the old Mac and an adequate amount of memory, the use of Mach Desktop will not affect the 

The second version of Mach Desktop is a newly redesigned application that includes more 
than 40 stunning themes, each featuring 3D effects or superb HD Video. Mach Desktop also 
has a built-in video player that can play full HD video in 1080p resolution, consuming only 5% 
of the processor power per display.

Ridiculously Advanced Features!

● 40+ Themes, with the option to automatically add customized Desklets or add no Desklets 
at all; the choice is yours!
● Unlimited Display support, with each display being independently customizable
● 25+ 3D (Quartz) Compositions with stunning rendered effects such as Light, Water, Fog, 
Smoke, Clouds, Fire, Snow, Stars, Galaxies, Quasars, Black, and more
● Nearly 20 True HD Videos include Waterfalls, Fireplaces, Aquariums; and also historic 
landmarks like the Great Pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, the Athens Acropolis, the Eiffel 
Tower, and more
● Choose Themes graphically with a single click
● Add nearly 25 different Desklets with a single click; with each Desklet supporting 
customized position, size, font, foreground color, and background color

● Web page Desklets allow to you put multiple web pages on your Desktop, allowing full 
customizability for position and size
● Forecast Desklets show conditions, temperature, wind speed, humidity, and pressure for 
the next 12 hours

● Retina Display support
● OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" Ready
● Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and familiarize yourself with the Readme.txt why exactly …
Further to the selection, installation as you normally would or by using the Open Gatekeeper 


Mountain Duck 2.6.5

Interface language: Russian, English, Spanish, German, etc.

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.8.3 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Mountain Disc allows you to mount any remote FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Azure Cloud Storage, S3, 
Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, and OpenStack Swift as a local drive in the Finder.

The application supports all major protocols to connect to any server.

Open files on a remote server with any application and work as on a local volume, as well as 
move them with the help of Finder to remote servers easily and quickly.

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and familiarize yourself with the Readme.txt why exactly …
Further to the selection, installation as you normally would or by using the Open Gatekeeper 

Murus Pro Suite 1.4.19 (include Vallum 3.0.3)


Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.9.6 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


Vallum is a small tool that will help you in monitoring application connections. It is capable of 
intercepting application connections and holding them until you decide whether to transfer 
or block them.

The interface of Vallum is very simple and based on icons. Its default configuration is not 
Intrusive , it does not require any interaction or specific network knowledge or skills . Just 
drag the app icon from the Finder in the main Vallum window to lock it. Vallum 
configurations allow you to select from a list of firewall configurations permutations. It works 
like a menulet in the macOS menu bar, being next to the clock.
Additional information:
Small and convenient PF network firewall, it allows you to configure complex networks with 
simple and intuitive actions.

Some time ago, OS x comes with two default firewalls installed, IPFW and IPFW 2. Despite 
the fact that IPFW worked brilliantly, with the release of OS x 10.7, all versions of OS x have 
switched to OpenBSD PF (abbreviated Packet Filter ) solution, which brings some 
improvements over the now obsolete IPFW. PF works well, but there is still room for 
improvement. The main problem is that when you want to customize your rules, you will 
have to work with an unattractive Terminal sometimes.

Simple and convenient, yet powerful and competent interface for macOS PF firewall

Murus Pro is an advanced and user-friendly PF application that allows you to easily create a 
complex firewall configuration. In addition, Murus offers a friendly interface for the PF 
firewall and comes with built-in filtering support and presets.

- Runs on macOS 10.14 Mojave
- Minor bug fixes

Installation procedure:

Mount the image and drag the application icon to the Program folder

Roxio Toast Titanium 17 v17.2


Interface language: English, German, French and Japanese

Treatment: included
Drug type: ready-made serial number

System requirements:

Mac computer with an Intel processor
1 GB RAM recommended
Requires Mac OS X 10.11 and above*
Approximately 1 GB of free space to install all components
VideoBoost requires a compatible NVIDIA card and 4GB of RAM for optimal performance
DVD drive required for installation 


Roxio Toast Titanium software is a program for working with discs and multimedia. Roxio 
Toast Titanium is a package of modules for recording music, videos and photos on CD, DVD 
and Blue-Ray discs, for working with discs and media files, organizing discs into catalogues 
and creating covers and inserts. Roxio Toast Titanium interface is intuitive and easy to 
manage, as the version is designed for home, non-professional users. In addition, Roxio Toast 
Titanium allows you to create slideshows with different effects, titles and background music.

In addition, Roxio Toast Titanium allows you to create slideshows with different effects, 
titles and background music. The program contains the ability to extract and convert video 
clips to the desired format, save web-video for viewing on a portable device or TV, convert 
audio books from disk, transfer video from computer to TiVo DVR for viewing on TV, 
automatically create music libraries capture and tags from Internet radio.

Additional information:

Key features of Roxio Toast Titanium


● The program allows you to quickly burn files with music, videos, photos and data to CD,
 DVD and Blue-Ray discs. ● AVCHD files can be burned to standard DVDs for later playback on 
Blu-ray players in HD quality without any plug-ins . 

● You can record what is happening on the screen in real time with the ability to edit, save 
and publish captured videos.


● Users can copy CD, DVD, and Blue - Ray discs, including two-sided DVD videos to one-way 
4.7 GB discs.

Music playback:

● The package offers the functions of creating a custom music library. By converting LP 
records and analog cassettes and capturing streaming audio files from the Internet, the 
program helps to automatically capture, tag and add streaming music tracks to your iTunes 

Video playback:

● Users can place, convert, and record any shows, movies, and music and data on CD, DVD, 
and Blue-Ray discs, or synchronize media data with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other portable 
devices. There are templates for easy video conversion.

Other possibility:

● Recover data from damaged drives
* Creation of music CDs and DVDs with menu in DJ-style.
● Drag-and-drop method support.
● Encode DVDs into video files or create DVDs from video files such as DivX.
● Support HD DVD to burn media with data larger than 30GB and Blue-Ray to burn discs larger 
than 50GB.
● Create a convenient, searchable directory while recording files.

Supported Input Formats:

● Audio: AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, FLAC and Dolby® Digital AC-3
● Video: AVCHD, AVCHD Lite, AVI, DivX Plus HD, DV, FLV and F4V for Adobe® Flash®, MJPEG, 
MOV, MKV, MPEG-1/2/4, VOB, VIDEO_TS folder, and EyeTV recordings
● Disc Images: ISO, BIN/CUE, IMG, DMG, CDR, NRG

- Fix some localization issues
- Fix the templates issue in MyDVD Pro
- Fix the crash of burning BD-RE in Toast

Installation procedure:

Mount image
Double click on the installer, follow the instructions
Register a number from a text file

Script Debugger 7.0.4

Interface language: English

Treatment: included
Drug type: ready-made serial number

System requirements:
OS x 10.10 or later
Intel 64-bit CPU 


Script Debugger offers users everything they need to quickly create their own AppleScript 
scripts. None of the utilities compares to Script Debugger in the speed and ease of creating, 
editing, and debugging AppleScript scripts. The built-in Dictionary browser offers the user 
more information than any other utility.

The editor fully supports the "drag and drop" technology. The main feature of Script 
Debugger, justifying its name - the ability to debug scripts step by step. Debugging droplets 
"turns into a pleasure" - the program can cause open events, as well as idle and quit for the 
script located in the edit window. Many script Debugger helper functions are built as floating 
palettes. So the functions of running scripts with open, idle and quit commands are part of 
the "Scripts"palette.

Additional information:

In this palette, you can find many more useful tools for managing Windows, simplifying 
editing, all of them are built in the form of script Debugger ' and, if desired, to existing ones, 
you can add your own auxiliary scripts. Code snippets can be stored in the Clippings palette. 
Opening application dictionaries, the path to them is saved in the "Applications"palette. 
Script Debugger dictionaries can be displayed in three modes: in normal mode; as an object 
hierarchical model; in Explorer mode, where all the current program objects, their elements 
and properties with the current values are displayed, which can also be changed here. 
Explorer is very useful for exploring the application object model.

1139 Updated code-completion data for Mojave.

1137 Mojave: The Scripting Additions dictionary only displays additions in the 
/System/Library/ScriptingAdditions on Mojave systems since AppleScript no longer loads 
Scripting Additions from other locations (/Library/ScriptingAdditions and 
~/Library/ScriptingAdditions). When SIP is disabled, Script Debugger displays scripting 
additions from all standard locations.

1133 Mojave: If you accidentally decline to allow Script Debugger access to a particular 
application, an alert appears whenever the explorer is used to access that application 
explaining that the application is inaccessible and that you must use the System Preferences 
app to grant access to Script Debugger.

1119 Fixed issue where clicking on the Time/Duration column heading in the Event Log could 
cause a crash. Clicking will now sort events by duration, and execution order can be restored 
by clicking on the Apple Event column heading.

1113 The scripting selection property returned character ranges that could, in some cases, not 
accurately reflect AppleScript lengths. This has been fixed. A new document and script 
window property, selection ASObjC range, returns the selection as a Cocoa range, suitable for 
those using AppleScriptObjC. The new property accepts both a simple list of two integers as 
well as a record in the form {location:x, |length|:y}. It returns a list, or the record form if you 
use get selection ASObjC range as record.

1117 Resolved a problem where duplicate code signing identities could appear in Script 
Debugger’s Code Signing menus.

1122 Fixed issue where entering extensions in the Resources Tab could trigger a crash.

1126 Script Debugger Lite users are able to create viewer windows for values appearing in the 
variables pane. This makes looking at long strings and list or record structures easier.

1115 Resolved a series of issues with leak tracking and display. Script Debugger should now 
properly track open for access/close access pairs when a file path is passed to close access. 
Possible crashes displaying leaks have also been resolved.

1116 Fixed a regression where bundled frameworks were not included when performing a 
save as or export.

1132 Addressed a problem where changing the AppleScript:// URL scheme preference did not 
operate properly.

1130 Improved command-click handling of URLs to avoid attempting to open invalid URLs, 
resulting in an alert asking to locate a suitable application in the App Store.

1123 Fixes regression where clippings searches ignored the standard set. Also fixes the issue 
where double-clicking on found clippings failed to insert them.

1118 Removed unnecessary alerts about persistent properties when saving code-signed 
bundles and applets.

925 Resolved a crash that occurs when a script sends an AppleEvent with a timeout of 0 

Installation procedure:

- Mount the image and drag the application icon to the Program folder
- Block outgoing connections
- Register data from a text file

SoftRAID 5.7.2

Interface language: English

Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)

System requirements:
OS x 10.6.8 or later
Intel, 64-bit processor 


SoftRAID is a popular package for creating and managing RAID arrays.

With its help, users can create on their Macs, whether it is a desktop computer or a server of 
the company, RAID-arrays of the zero (data distribution) and the first (mirroring) level, 
maintain them, make configuration and configuration, monitor the status of disks.

"Creating and managing partitions with SoftRAID is easier than ever," the developer said in a 
press release, who also stated that The version can handle partitions of up to 4 petabytes of 
data and has a new improved algorithm for rebuilding first-level RAID partitions. 5 SoftRAID 
adds RAID 4, RAID 5 and RAID 1 + 0 disks.

Known Bugs:

- SoftRAID does not support creating, modifying or converting APFS volumes
- There’s a bug in macOS 10.14, Mojave, which causes SoftRAID volumes to not be displayed 
in the "Storage tab of the "About this Mac window

New features:

- Enabled code in the SoftRAID application to display the OWC product registration page 
when a new ThunderBay 6 is attached to the Mac

- Added code to work around problems in Mac OS which can cause applications to be 
quarantined by the Finder indefinitely

Bugs fixed:

- In the SoftRAID application which caused clipping in the more info text of the collect system 
info opt-in dialog. This was only visible when SoftRAID was run with some non-English 

- In the SoftRAID XT version of SoftRAID Easy Setup which caused it not to recognize disks in 
OWC enclosures

- In the SoftRAID XT application which prevented it from working with disks in OWC Mercury 
Elite Pro Quad enclosures

- In the SoftRAID application which caused newly created or erased volumes to be write 
protected when running Mac OS 10.14

- In the SoftRAID application which prevented the "no errors string from being displayed if a 
disk had not been initialized to SoftRAID format

- In the SoftRAID application which could result in unmountable volumes. This could occur if a 
user selected a RAID 4 or RAID 5 volume which was missing 2 or more disks and selected 
"Remove Missing Disks from the "Volume menu

- In the SoftRAID application and SoftRAID Monitor which caused some SSDs to be incorrectly 
marked as predicted to fail

Installation procedure:

- Mount the image and drag the application icon to the Program folder


VMware Fusion Pro 11.0.1


Interface language: English, French, German, etc.

Treatment: included
Type of medicine: keygen

System requirements:
OS x 10.9 or later,
64-bit processor 


With VMware Fusion, Mac users can run Windows and other operating systems at the same 
time as Mac applications without having to restart. Fusion combines the convenience of 
home users with the power of it professionals, developers, and organizations. Running 
Windows on a Mac is just the beginning. With VMware Fusion, you can choose from hundreds 
of supported operating systems, from little-known Linux distributions to the latest release of 
Windows 10. With Fusion, you can easily test almost any OS and application on your Mac. The 
solution enables you to create and test applications in an isolated environment, allowing you 
to share local source files and folders securely.

What’s New:

This release contains bug fixes and security updates.

Support has been added for the following operating systems as guest:

Ubuntu 18.10
Fedora 29
RHEL 7.6

Important Fixes:

VMware Fusion has an uninitialized stack memory usage vulnerability in the vmxnet3 virtual 
network adapter that might allow a guest to execute code on the host. The Common 
Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the identifier 
CVE20186981 to this issue.

Installation procedure:

1. Mount the DMG file
2. Start the installation procedure by double-clicking on the VMware icon

Treatment procedure:

1. When the installation program asks for the product key, run the file " 
VMware.Fusion.Professional.v11.0.0 Keygen"
2. A terminal window will open, where the key for program registration will be generated
3. Enter the key in the installer window

Viscosity 1.7.12

Interface language: Russian, English, German etc.

Treatment: included (kg)

System requirements:
macOS 10.10 or higher
Intel 64-bit CPU 


Viscosity is an OpenVPN client for Mac, with a simple and intuitive user interface for creating, 
editing and managing VPN connections. The application provides full support for the 
OpenVPN solution for macOS and does not require any additional software.

Viscosity can connect to any OpenVPN server and allows you to fully configure connections 
using a graphical interface, without having to know how to use the command line or 
OpenVPN syntax configuration file . Advanced users still have full control over configuration 

Additional information:

Peculiar properties:

- Cocoa GUI
- Connection and traffic statistics
- Multiple simultaneous connections
- Reliable DNS support
- Keychain integration
- System proxy integration
 Deployment features designed for enterprise
- Easy import connection
- Growl Integration

- support for Dark Mode in macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
- improved    Improved support for macOS 10.14 (Mojave)
- improved    Main menu performance significantly improved
- improved    Keyboard accessibility of the main menu improved
- updated    OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.2p
- fixed    Resolves issue setting the working directory for scripts
- fixed    Resolves issue scrolling the main menu with many connections
- fixed    Prevents reconnects when cancelling certain PKCS#11 requests
- fixed    Various bug fixes and enhancements
- removed    OS X 10.9 is no longer supported

Installation procedure:

- Mount the dmg image, install the app from the distribution
- Register data with kg
- Lock in/etc / hosts